Erick Tatro, Ph.D. 

Assistant Adjunct Professor


Contact Information

T: (858) 246-0653
F: (858) 534-4484


Dr. Tatro received his B.S. from The Ohio State University double majoring in Chemistry and Biology. While earning his Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Molecular and Cellular Pathology, he illustrated the role of FK506 binding proteins in trafficking of the glucocorticoid receptor in neurons as it relates to major depressive disorder. During post-doctoral study at UC San Diego, he expanded his research repertoire to include study of microRNA-mediated regulation of gene expression in depression and drug abuse, particular of methamphetamine. He joined the Department of Psychiatry as Assistant Adjunct Professor in Fall of 2010 and continues to research the molecular genetic basis of mood disorders in the context of HIV infection and drug abuse.

Research Interests

Research Focus

I started working in the field of HIV/AIDS and mental health as a post-doctoral scholar at UCSD with the HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center and the Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center. The mission of my laboratory is to discover the molecular basis for mental health disorders, mainly major depression and depressive symptomology, in the HIV-infected and aging population through characterization of the consequences of genetic variation of specific genes that regulate hormone receptor function. I am interested in discovering how genetic variants interact with regulatory cellular regulatory elements, including microRNAs, which have downstream consequences on hormone function and behavior. I hope to use this knowledge to develop diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.


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