Terry L. Jernigan, Ph.D. 

Professor of Cognitive Science, Psychiatry and Radiology

Center for Human Development
Cognitive Science Faculty Page

Contact Information

9500 Gilman Drive M/C 0115
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0115 USA
T: (858) 534-1548


Dr. Jernigan trained as a clinical and experimental neuropsychologist, and since the late 1970’s has studied the human brain using imaging. This work has focused on brain development and aging, neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropsychiatric and substance use disorders, and neurodegenerative disorders. Since 2008 her central research interest has been the developing human mind and brain, and she has pursued this interest in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team as Director of the Center for Human Development. She also directs the Coordinating Center for the PING Project – a publicly shared imaging genomics data resource with imaging, neurocognition, and whole genome genotyping data from over 1500 children aged 3 to 20 years. She is a member of the National Advisory Board on Drug Abuse and serves on the scientific advisory boards of several research organizations in the US and Europe.

Research Interests

Current Research Focus:

  • The developing behavioral phenotype (individuality): roles of genetics, brain development, experience, learning, and the dynamic interactions among these factors.
  • Translation of findings from basic developmental and learning sciences to innovative practices at home, in schools, and in the clinic to prevent adverse outcomes in children.

Other Research Interests (past and present):

Imaging studies of brain development and brain aging; risk phenotypes for substance use disorders in youth; effects of prematurity on brain development; effects of drug and alcohol exposure, and of HIV infection, prenatally, during adolescence, and in adult populations; neural bases of neuropsychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and dementing disorders.


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