J – 1 Visa Application Process


J-1 Research Scholar/Professor

        Definition:  Exchange Visitor engaging in academic research or teaching. 

        Authorized by:  sponsor of J-1 program (most commonly employing institution)

        Documents:  DS-2019

        Length of Time: up to 5 years

J-1 for UCSD Paid Titles

        Postgraduate Researcher

        Postdoctoral Fellow/Trainee

        Research Scientist

        Project Scientist

        Staff Research Associate (must have BS or BA degree)

        Visiting Professor or Lecturer

J-1 for UCSD Nonpaid Titles

        Visiting Scholar

-        Scholars of distinction with PhD and appointment at a home institution (Scholar must possess Ph.D. degree).

        Staff Volunteer (research)

-        For an undergraduate student who wishes to participate in research training at UCSD for a short period of time, usually for credits toward UG degree at home institution.

-        Attach a detailed memo from PI regarding job responsibilities

Link to J-1 Visa Forms

The following forms should be downloaded from the links below for the J-1 Visa Application process:  

J-1 Form A Initial Request by Department

J-1 Form B Initial Request by Scholar

J-1 Form C by Scholar Understanding Requirement for Health

J-1 Form D for Alien Physicians (required if candidate has a M.D.)

Link for All Required J-1 Forms


Special Note:

  • UCSD Invitation Letter or Offer Letter - It is now required that the supervisor provide an offer letter inviting the scholar to conduct/observe research at UCSD.

  • Signatures - Please make sure to have the forms filled out legibly and signed by both the candidate and the supervisor.

  • English Version - Written verification in US dollars is required for financial support not provided by UCSD. If written in another language, the document must be translated into and certified in English.

  • Copy of Bio Page - A copy of the applicant's Bio page of the Passport and resume should be attached to the packet.

Turnaround Time

It will take a minimum of three weeks (from the date of our receiving the completed packet) before a SEVIS DS-2019 can be generated and sent to you. 

Checklist for A Completed Packet

___ Form A: Completed by the Supervisor’s Office and signed by the Sponsor

___ Form B:  Scholar Information Sheet completed and signed by the Scholar

___ Form C:  Health Insurance Memo of Understanding (signed by the Scholar)

___ Form D:  Attachment for Alien Physicians (scholars with M.D. degree) – signed by the Scholar and the UCSD Sponsor

___ Written verification in US dollars for financial support not provided by UCSD (English certified translation if in another language)

___ UCSD Invitation Letter or Job Offer from the Advisor/Supervisor

___ Resume/C.V.

___ Mail the completed original packet to Renee Hatch at mail code 0603 or the following US address:

                  University of California, San Diego

Department of Psychiatry

9500 Gilman Drive #0603

La Jolla, CA  92093 – 0603

ATTN: Renee Hatch


If you have any questions, you may contact Renee Hatch at (858) 534-9032 / rhatch@ucsd.edu

University of California, San Diego, Department of Psychiatry, 9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0603 La Jolla, CA 92037-0603
Telephone: (858) 534-3684, Fax: (858) 534-7653, Electronic Mail: psychiatry@ucsd.edu