Personnel Agreements

VA Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements (IPAs)



    1. IPAs pay UCSD employees on VA funding sources
    2. IPAs must be processed and in place before the start date, no exceptions.
    3. A proposed personnel agreement must be submitted to UCSD Human Resources, via appropriate fund manager, by the first of the month preceding the effective date of the agreement (i.e.: June 1 start must be at HR by May 1).
    4. IPAs take approximately 1-1.5 months from the time that the paperwork has been initialized

Requirements & Conditions:

  1. Person must be a permanent, career employee of the University for 90 days prior to start date of IPA.
  2. An employee cannot be funded by two IPAs at the same time, for any length of time.
  3. First IPA can be 24 months duration
  4. Second IPA can be 22 months duration, then a 60 day break is required
  5. If IPA is extended past 48 months employee has to resign from IPA and the waiting period is one year

VMRF Joint Personnel Agreement (JPAs)

Contact: Elizabeth Bieger 858-642-3066

  1. A personnel agreement is a mechanism by which a UCSD employee who works on a VMRF project, ensures their vested UCSD benefits by having VMRF reimburse UCSD for a certain percentage of their salary. For more information, please refer to VMRF’s Personnel Agreement Policy.
  2. Due to the nature of JPA processing, they will often begin before you receive an IFOPAL, and it will be necessary to place the employee on your holding account from the begin date until you receive the IFOPAL.
  3. JPAs take approximately 3 months from the time that the NGA arrives at VMRF to process and put into place.
  4. PA agreements must be renewed on an annual basis.



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