Checklist for Probationary Release


    1. Consult with Ling at 858-822-0246 or regarding the issues related to the probationary employee before the end of the 5th month of the individual’s probationary employment.
    2. Supervisor will be asked to provide information regarding the issues related to the probationary employee’s employment via email or hard copy.
    3. Ling will seek Central HR’s approval if the request for Probationary Release is approved by the department HR.
    4. If the request is approved by Central HR, the supervisor will be informed of the following procedures:
      • Notice of probationary release shall only be given to the affected employee on the approved separation date.
      • Letter of Probationary Release must be based on the format provided and signed by the employee’s supervisor.
      • Proof of Service should be signed at the time of notice.
      • At the meeting of notice, the employee should be instructed to contact Cecilia Aldrete at 858-822-3389 for an exit appointment before noon on that day, at which time the employee can pick up the separation paycheck. 
      • Copy of the signed letter and Proof of Service should be faxed to Ling at 858-822-0014 on the same day. 


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