Changing Address

  • You can update your address online at At Your Service. OR if you prefer, you can download a Personal Data Form (PDF) and complete it with your new information. Sign the bottom of the form and send it to mail code 0737 or fax it to (858) 822-0014.

Changing W4 Withholdings

  • You may change the number of allowances or the status you’re claiming online at At Your Service. OR if you prefer, you can download a W-4 form and complete it with your new information. Sign the bottom of the form and send it to mail code 0737 or fax it to (858) 822-0014. If we receive the change prior to the payroll deadline it will be effective for the following pay period.

Injury & Illness Prevention Class

  • All staff employees are required to attend the Injury and Illness Prevention Class within 30 days of their hire date.

  • The class is held weekly at a variety of locations on campus.

  • Attendance is considered paid time and should be arranged with a supervisor prior to attending.

  • Employees may enroll in the class by visiting UC Learning.

  • Once employees complete the class they will be given a certificate of completion. Employees must submit a copy of the certificate for their personnel file to Maria Nerissa Clarete at mail code 0737 or 858-822-0014.

Staff Education and Development

  • Staff are also eligible to enroll in UCSD’s Staff Education and Development Courses.

  • Topics range from safety, career planning and consultation, computer and software education, and diversity education, to management and leadership curricula.

  • Most courses are free of charge with the exception of the computer courses, which require a minimal fee.

  • Staff Education and Development also offers free lunchtime courses that cover career planning, networking, resume building, and more.

  • You can view a listing of ALL courses by visiting UC Learning.

Educational Benefits

Additional Staff Resources

  • OSHPP – Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention & Policy is accessible to staff for questions, policy, private consultation, neutral mediation, fair investigation and practical solutions. OSHPP can be reached at (858) 534-8298 or at

  • Office of Ombuds – An independent neutral 3rd party to assist faculty, staff and students in problem resolution, counseling and negotiation with regards to work related issues. Ombuds can be reached at (858) 534-0777.

  • UCSD Faculty and Staff Assistance Program – Available to confidentially assist with personal and family problems including alcoholism, marriage difficulties, financial trouble, stress, and drugs. Their office can be reached at (858) 534-5523.

  • Need a tax expert? You can contact Paul Rodriguez, Customer and Taxation Support Representative in the Payroll office at (858) 534-3241. He can properly advise staff about questions they may have pertaining to their W-4 and paycheck deductions.

  • Membership with the UCSD Recreation Center is available to staff employees at a charge of $60.00 per quarter. For further information, the recreation center can be contacted at (858) 534-4037 or at

Career New Employee Orientation

  • All career employees are eligible to attend a New Hire Orientation from 8:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m to welcome new staff employees and introduce them to UCSD.

  • Employees will be introduced to the university's structure and personnel policies, and find out information about resources and services available to staff.

  • All meetings are held at the Faculty Club Lounge.

  • .The orientation is considered paid time, with advance approval from an employee’s supervisor.


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