Probationary Period

  • All career employees must serve a 6-month probationary period which begins on the date of hire.

  • During an employee’s probationary period, an employee may be released at anytime whether or not an employee has received a performance evaluation.

  • During an employee’s probationary period the employee’s supervisor is asked to complete two probationary evaluations, one after the employee's first 3 months (optional) and one which must be completed after 6 months (required).

  • During the 6-month probation period an employee may or may not be eligible to use vacation time, depending on the union he/she is represented by. See the union chart for specific information.

  • An employee’s probationary period may be extended at the request of the supervisor.

  • If an employee is to be released after the probationary period has ended, a formal layoff must be put through with approval from Human Resources.


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