• A career appointment is a position with a fixed or variable percentage of time of at least 50% or more for one year or longer.
  • Career appointments must be filled through the open recruitment process.
  • Staff with career appointments are eligible for full UC benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, UC Retirement Plan, etc).

Casual/ Limited

  • A casual/limited appointment can be any percentage of time, fixed or variable. Only staff who are expected to work less than 1,000 hours in any 12 month period should be hired as casual/limited appointments.
  • Casual/limited appointments at 40% or less can be extended for a year.
  • Casual/limited appointments at 100% for 3 months or more are eligible for mid-level benefits.
  • Casual/limited appointments at 41% to 100% cannot under any circumstances be extended beyond 5 months.

Casual To Career

  • An employee may be converted from casual/limited to career status if the employee was hired through open recruitment.
  • If you are interested in changing the position for a casual/limited employee into a career position, please email Cecilia Aldrete at as soon as possible.


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