Notice of Resignation

  • Supervisors should notify Cecilia Aldrete at and Ling Cao Zentner at whenever an employee is resigning or otherwise terminating employment. Even when the supervisor has instructed the employee to send a copy of his or her resignation letter to HR, the supervisor should always independently report the resignation to Cecilia and Ling.  Ideally, the supervisor should notify HR one month prior to an employee’s final day. In cases where this is not possible for any reason, the supervisor should notify HR at least two weeks before an employee’s final day. When we do not receive notification of an employee’s separation, or when we receive less than two weeks’ notice, this can delay payment of final wages and the .

Exit Interview

  • Employees should email Cecilia Aldrete ( to schedule an exit interview two weeks or at least one week prior to their last day.

  • Employees should bring a signed copy of their letter of resignation stating the last day of employment and the reason for the resignation, the timesheet for their final month or partial month of employment (signed by their supervisor), and any keys they placed a deposit on.

  • The exit interview walks employees through unemployment insurance paperwork, Defined Contribution Plan and 403(b) payouts or roll-overs, and final check processing.

Final Checks

  • A final check will be generated and available for pick up on the employee's last day of work. (Without at least two weeks' advance notice, we will not be able to have an employee’s final check ready on the last day of work.)

  • Due to Federal Law, all final checks are paper checks that must be picked up or mailed to the employee’s home address.

  • Final checks can not be direct deposit.


  • Employee’s University Benefits are good until the last day of the following month that you work. For example, if you separate with the University on November 30th, your benefits are good until December 31st (the last day of the following month). Similarly, if you separate on November 1st, your benefits are STILL good until December 31st (the last day of the following month).

  • To enroll in COBRA the employee should send a check for the premium amount directly to the carrier.

Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) / 403(b) Contributions

  • When separating from UCSD, employees have several options regarding the money they have contributed to the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP). They may take a full or partial distribution, roll it into a personal retirement account (IRA) or, if the employee's balance is at least $2000, they may leave it in the UCRP account indefinitely. Complete information and instructions can be found at:

  • Special federal and tax laws apply to employees who elect a cash distribution. Details can be found at:

  • If an employee decides to roll their balance into a personal IRA, the account must be set up prior to roll over.

Key Refunds

  • Employees who were required to place a deposit for keys are eligible to have the deposit amount refunded when they return the keys.

  • Refund of the key deposit takes 2 to 4 weeks to process.

  • The refund will be mailed to the last home address on file for the employee.

  • By not returning issued keys upon separation, employees forfeit their deposit.


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