Due Date

  • Staff Timesheets or Absence Reporting Slips are ALWAYS due on the 5th of the month following the month you work. (For example, January’s timesheet is due February 5th).

  • Timesheets should be faxed to Cecilia Aldrete at (858) 822-0014 or sent to mail code 0737.

Required Signatures

  • Timesheets must be signed by the employee and the supervisor.

  • If a supervisor is not available for signature, an employee may fax a copy of their timesheet without signature to (858) 822-0014 and send the original with supervisor’s signature to mail code 0737 immediately following.

To obtain a new timesheet

  • Download Timesheet Here

  • Employees will receive a new timesheet between the 5-10th of the month they are working. (For example, an employee can expect to receive their February Timesheet between February 5-10th).

  • If an employee does not receive their timesheet they may download the form from our website.

Types of Timesheets

Absence Reporting Slip – To be used by employees who work a fixed schedule or work the same number of hours per month.

  • Most career employees use the Absence Reporting Slip.

  • The Department Timekeeper (Cecilia Aldrete) will designate the type of timesheet an employee should use.

  • Employees who use the Absence Reporting Slip are automatically paid each month according to the percentage of their appointment.

  • Any adjustments (i.e. - use of any vacation hours or sick hours) are made the month following.

Staff Timesheets are completed by employees with a variable schedule, the majority of which work 50% time or less and are casual employees.

  • Payment is customarily based on the hours given to the timekeeper when the timesheets are due.

*It is imperative for employees to immediately communicate any change in the percentage they work to either Cecilia Aldrete or Ling Cao so that pay will not be affected.


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