Changing Home Address or Phone Number
• Students should inform Thien-Chi Vu of any address change as well as any change to a student’s home or work phone and email address.
• This change can be done by submitting a Personal Data Form to mail code 0737 attn: Thien-Chi Vu or by emailing t6vu@ucsd.edu.

Changing W4 Withholdings
• Students may change their W4 withholdings once a month by downloading a W4 form and submitting it to Maria Nerissa Clarete OR come by the Ivy Building to obtain a W4 form for completion.

Defined Contribution Plan (DCP)
• This plan was designed to provide supplemental retirement benefits.
• Students who are registered in at least 6 units per quarter are exempt from DCP.
• Most students contribute to DCP during the summer when they are not registered for summer session. The contribution is 7.5%, which takes the place of Social Security.
• Students who have contributed to DCP will have several options of recovering their money once they have separated with UCSD. Students may either roll their DCP to a personal retirement account such as an IRA OR they may cash out. By cashing out, the employee will incur a tax penalty of 28% federal tax, 6% state tax and 10% tax for using retirement money early.


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