Due Date
Timesheets are due every other Friday
• Students may refer to the UCSD payroll calendar for a list of bi-weekly end dates.
• Students are responsible for submitting their timesheets on time. If a student’s timesheet is received late, then the student will have to wait until the next bi-weekly pay cycle to be paid.

Required Signatures
• Under NO circumstances should a student call in their hours for payment.
• Supervisors should designate an “alternate” supervisor OR staff member that may sign a student’s timesheet in their absence. To do this, contact Thien-Chi Vu (858) 534-0233 for the designation form.

Reporting Hours
• Students report hours by writing the number of hours worked in the corresponding day listed on their timesheet.
• Students can always submit their timesheets before the due date.
• Timesheets can be sent to mail code 0737, faxed to (858) 822-0014 or dropped off.

Sick / Vacation Accrual
• Students must work an average of 20 hours per week for one month to be eligible to accrue sick time. Sick time accrues at a rate of 8 hours per month based on a full month of work.
• Sick time is prorated, for example students who average 20 hours per week for one month will accrue 4 hours of sick time.
• To report sick time, write the total number of hours you wish to report as sick time with an “S” next to the number.
• If you are unsure as to whether you have any sick time available feel free to contact Thien-chi Vu at (858) 534-0233

• Students do not accrue vacation time.

Holiday Pay
• Students must average 20 hours per week for an entire month to be eligible for holiday pay. Holiday pay works similar to sick accrual. If a student averages 20 hours per week, they will earn 4 hours of holiday pay. If a student works an average of 25 hours per week, they will earn 5 hours of holiday pay.
• Holiday Pay is prorated and will be paid after 4 weeks of work is completed. It will not be paid ahead of time.



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