Student Employment Eligibility
• In order for a student to be working for the University the student must pay registration fees each quarter working, therefore being a “Registered” Student.
• Students who are not registered are not eligible for “Student” employment with the University
• Students enrolled part time may continue to work under “Student” status.
Students who withdraw from enrollment or do not show Registered in the payroll system cannot continue to work as a student.
• Exception: A student who has paid Spring fees can work through the summer up until the day before Fall class begins.

• Undergraduate students are not eligible for University staff benefits.

Equity Increase
• In order for a student to receive an equity increase (raise in hourly pay rate) the student’s supervisor must send a written request or email Thien-Chi Vu. The letter should include the additional or new responsibilities the employee acquired since their hire as well as the new pay rate.
• Supervisors should ensure that their budget will cover the increase in pay.
• Customarily students work for one year before receiving an equity increase unless a student has shown exceptional performance or has a significant increase in responsibilities since their hire.
• Equity Increases customarily range between $0.50 to $1.00/ hour.

Student to Staff
• In order for a student to be eligible to transfer from an undergraduate or graduate student position into a staff limited or career position the student must be currently enrolled as a student and employed in the department for at least 3 consecutive quarters not including summer.
• The student’s supervisor must complete a Hiring Request Form and prepare an On-Line Job Description and ROUTE the job description to
• The student is responsible for submitting a resume, a Resume Supplement and an Applicant Data Form to Thien-Chi at mail code 0737. To speed up the process it is suggested that completed forms be faxed immediately to (858) 822-0014.

Graduating Students
• Students who plan to graduate should inform Thien-Chi immediately at least 2 weeks prior to their graduation date if they plan to leave/ terminate their employment.
• Students who graduate during the school year (fall or winter) cannot continue to work as an undergraduate student past the date of graduation.
• Students who graduate in the spring may work up until the day before the new fall quarter begins.
Students who plan to continue working for the University after they have graduated must contact Thien-Chi Vu immediately to be hired as a staff employee. (NOTE: This process should be started at least one month prior to the graduation date to avoid a break in service.)

Leave of Absence
• Students should inform Thien-Chi Vu of any extended time away from work (more than 2 weeks) so that appropriate arrangements can be made to collect timesheets and pay the employee in a timely manner.

Students not working during the summer
• Students who do not plan to work during the summer but plan to resume at the beginning of the new school year should contact Thien-Chi Vu so that proper arrangements can be made to terminate employment OR to hold timesheets until the student returns.
• A student should always inform the department of his or her return to work, so that we may resume sending timesheets.

Terminating Employment
• Students who are resigning from their position with the Department of Psychiatry or UCSD completely should inform their direct supervisor AND inform Thien-Chi Vu at least 2 weeks prior to their last day.
• A separation appointment must be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to the student’s last day of work. This will ensure that a student receives a final paycheck on his or her last day.
• Students will need to bring their final timesheet with their supervisor’s signature to the meeting as well as a copy of their resignation letter.
• If the student has been contributing to the Defined Contribution Plan, they will learn of their options to roll over or cash out during the separation appointment.


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