To change the designated supervisor for a staff position:

1. The existing supervisor, Program Manager/Director or a designated manager should meet with the affected employees first and inform them of the changes.
2.  The new supervisor should meet with the affected employees to discuss any expected changes, deadlines on specific projects, personal leadership styles, guidelines on how to work together through the changes and how to build a cohesive team.  It will be helpful for both the employees and the supervisors to get to know each other and be aware of the new supervisor's expectations and leadership style at the beginning. The goal is for both the new supervisor and the subordinate employees to establish rapport with each other so that the new team can work and communicate with each other more effectively and efficiently.
3.  Make changes to the job card accordingly and route the revised online job description to  You may refer to the following link for instructions and access to online job descriptions:
4.  Print out a copy of the job description, gather both the employee's and the supervisor's signatures and send a copy to mail code 0737 for the employee's personnel file.
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