Tips on Preparing On-line Job Description

Effective 7/1/02, according to Human Resources, job descriptions must be submitted in the online format when recruiting for positions, reclassifying positions, or submitting updates. The on-line process will be mandatory as of 7/1/02. For your convenience, I have forwarded you the link that will lead you to the new online job description system. In addition, a few guidelines are included to assist you with the process.

Link to Job Description System

On-line Job Description

Access - Access the electronic job description form and complete the appropriate fields.

Save - You may save the draft at any time by clicking on the `Save or Route or Submit' Bar at the very bottom of the form. Make sure that your email address is in the field of #3 in order to receive a notification of the Job Description.

Retrieve - You may retrieve the draft at any time by logging back to the main page of the on-line job description and entering the Job Description #. So, it is critical that you keep a record of the Job Description #.

Route - At the left side towards the bottom of the form, in the blue box labeled 'Save, Route or Submit to HR', you would select 'Route' and enter Ling's email address ( in the corresponding box, then click on the `Save or Route' Bar at the very bottom of the page. Ling would then receive a copy and be able to review the description, make any recommendations, then forward it to classification. Please do not submit it directly to HR, otherwise, it will bypass the department and you will not be able to access the file anymore.

Job Description Number - The job description number will be issued by the system after you save and submit the description. A confirmation should appear and indicate the number of this new job description. As an emailed copy of the description will be sent to you by the system, the description number will also be included in the email.

Spell Check - Please make sure to spell check the content of the Job Description to avoid miscellaneous spelling errors to be posted on the web page. As there is no spell check feature incorporated in the job description system, some individuals prefer typing the document in a word processing application, such as MS Word, then pasting the information into the job description.

Signatures - A copy of the On-Line Job Description needs to be printed out, signed by the supervisor and faxed to Ling at 858/822-0014 together with the signed Requisition.

Compatibility - Although the system does work with Netscape Navigator, we have been notified that the system works best with Internet Explorer.


If a request for reclassification is being submitted, both the reclassification request and supplement form (currently only required for the Programmer Analyst and Computer Resource Specialist Series) are now electronic. A job description number is needed in order to complete both the reclassification request and supplement form. Therefore, it is essential that the job description be completed prior to any other form.

FYI - Forms Requested for:

Open Recruitment
On-line Job Description

Exception Hire (have found a candidate)
On-line Job Description
Resume Supplemental Form
Applicant Data Form Resume

On-line Job Description
Reclassification Request
Organizational Chart

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ling at (858) 822-0246 or if further assistance is needed.

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