Types of Classification Process and forms  Resources
Staff positions are classified on the basis of duties and responsibilities assigned and exercised.

As duties and responsibilities change, the position may need to be reclassified.

Request a classification review whenever permanent and substantial changes in job duties occur. Common examples include:

  Changes in the nature, variety, and difficulty of work
Changes in supervision received
Changes in supervision exercised

Do not request a classification review when work volume increases or job performance is outstanding. Work volume and job performance do not justify reclassification.

Reclassified employees typically retain the majority (50% or more) of their prior job duties and also assume additional duties.

Classification review may result in a higher, lower, or lateral classification change.

Process and forms
Contact Ling at 858-822-0246 to discuss your classification & reclassification requests.

Documents Required for Reclassification Process:

  1. Revised online job card with new functions and tasks meeting the criteria of the proposed payroll title.  You may access the Module via the UCSD Online Job Description Library.  You may create a new job description by copying the current job description.  However, major changes have to be made in all sections for any upward reclassification request to demonstrate the significant changes.  Payroll Title or Position Overview should never be changed without changing the main functions and tasks of the position. 
  2. Supplemental FormRequest for Reclassification Review Form should be completed and attached to the online Job Card.  You may retrieve this form by clicking on the Header Tab called Supplemental Form – Request a Review in the Online Job Description Module.  The questions should be answered from the perspective of the supervisor rather than from the employee's.  It should not be written in the 1st person point of view, even if the employee helps with preparing the draft of the Reclassification Request.
  3. Organizational Chart – This form should specify the personnel structure of the research/administrative/clinical program and the relationship and relative rank of this position and others in the whole program.   You may upload the Org. Chart to the online job description.  Please highlight the employee’s name and proposed payroll title.

• Return to the Job Description Main Menu. Click on "Edit/Submit and In-Progress Job Description". Enter the job number and click "Retrieve Description." At the top of the page, click "Upload/Replace Org Chart." Click "Browse" to locate your saved Organizational Chart. Once you have found the document containing the chart, click "Click here to attach your chart".

If the position is a Programmer/Analyst or Computer Resource Specialist, complete the Supplement for Programmer/Analyst or Computer Resource Specialist. Make sure the checkbox at the top of the page is checked to attach the supplement to the job description. Click "Save Supplement".

Route the completed forms to the supervisor for revision and signature.

Route the revised job description and attached supplement and org chart to Ling at lzentner@ucsd.edu and then fax a copy signed by the supervisor and the employee to Ling at 858-822-0014.

Incomplete requests will be returned to the supervisor/employee, with a request for missing info.

Effective Date: If approved, reclassifications will be effective on the 1st of the following month after receipt of the complete request for classification review.

Approval notice will be sent to the supervisor and salary rate will be coordinated and implemented according to the policy.

Sample Job Description

 Guidelines on How to Write Job Description

How to Use On-Line Job Description Application

Job Description Menu

UCSD Blink: Title and Pay Information

1. On-Line Job Description Main Menu

2. Request for Classification Review

3. Supplement for Programmer/Analyst or Computer Resource Specialist

4. Organizational Chart (should be completed and attached to the job description by clicking the "Upload/Replace Org Chart" button. See instructions in the Process and forms column to the left.)


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