Type of Appointment Process and Forms Resources

To Hire a Career Employee
A career appointment must be at 50% or more for at least twelve months. A career position must be filled through open recruitment and posted for two weeks on the UCSD Job Bulletin. The recruitment process will normally take at least one month before a position can be filled.


Career employees:
* Earn vacation and sick leave based on the percent of time worked.

* Are eligible for full benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, UC Retirement Plan, etc.)

* Are eligible for merit consideration.

• Contact Ling at (858) 822-0246 to discuss the classification and salary range for each job opportunity
• Complete a Hiring Request and have it signed by both the supervisor and the accounts manager.
• Develop a thorough Online Job Description (see How to Write a Job Description).
• Route the Online Job Description and the completed Hiring Request to Ling.
• Posting will be listed on Job Bulletin for two weeks and applications will be emailed to the supervisor within two to three days after the position closes
• Review the referral candidates
• Select a pool of candidates to interview
(see Sample Interview Questions). Note: At least 3 candidates must be contacted for interviews or Central HR will not approve the selected candidate.
• Determine the top candidate and conduct a reference check (see Sample Reference Check Questions).
• Complete the Screening Matrix and the Selection Report. Refer to the Checklist for Completing the Recruitment Packet.
• Submit the Screening Matrix, Selection Report, Final Candidate Resume and Resume Supplemental Form to the designated HR coordinator at 0737 or via fax at (858) 822-0014.
• When central HR sends an email with final approval, make the offer to the approved candidate and notify the non-selected candidates (see Sample Rejection Letter).
• Have the final candidate contact Cecilia at caldrete@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-3389 to schedule an appointment for the weekly New-Hire Orientation.



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