Type of Appointment Process and Forms
To Hire a Casual Employee
A casual or limited employee is expected to be on pay status for less than 1,000 hours in a twelve-month period. The limited appointment will be automatically be converted to a career appointment if the number of hours worked exceeds 1,000 hours within a twelve-month consecutive period.


Casual employees:
- Earn no vacation, sick leave or holiday pay if the appointment is less than 50%.
- Earn vacation and sick leave if the appointment is 50% or higher for six months or more.
- Are eligible for core benefits if the appointment is between 43.75% and 100% and does not meet the duration requirements of mid-level or full-level benefits.
- Are eligible for mid-level benefits if the appointment is 100% for three months or more.

• Contact Ling at (858) 822-0246 to discuss the classification and salary range for each job opportunity.
• Complete a Hiring Request and have it signed by both the supervisor and the accounts manager.
• Develop a thorough Online Job Description (see How to Write a Job Description).
• Route the Online Job Description and the completed Hiring Request to Ling at 0737 or via fax at (858) 822-0014.
• Posting will be listed on Job Bulletin for two weeks and applications will be emailed to the supervisor within two to three days after the position closes.
• Review the referral candidates.
• Select a pool of candidates to interview (see Sample Interview Questions). Note: At least 3 candidates must be contacted for interviews or Central HR will not approve the selected candidate.
•Determine the top candidate and conduct a reference check (see Sample Reference Check Questions).
• Complete the Screening Matrix and the Selection Report. Refer to the Checklist for Completing the Recruitment Packet.
• Submit the Screening Matrix, Selection Report, Final Candidate Resume and Resume Supplemental Form to the designated HR coordinator (Cecilia Aldrete or Maria Nerissa Clarete) at 0737 or via fax at (858) 822-0014.
• When central HR sends an email with final approval, make the offer to the approved candidate and notify the non-selected candidates (see Sample Rejection Letter).
• Have the final candidate contact Cecilia at caldrete@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-3389 to schedule an appointment for the weekly New-Hire Orientation.


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