A Completed Recruitment Packet should include the following documents:

 Completed Screening Worksheet (must include ratings for all the referred applicants)
 Completed Selection Report (must be signed by the supervisor)
 Final Candidate’s Online Application Form (must be signed by the final candidate)

In order to expedite the recruitment process, the following items should be checked before submitting the packet to Ling’s office:

Screening Worksheet This worksheet must include ratings for all the applications referred to you. All applications should be rated, and only those scored at or above the cut-off can be selected for interview.

 Screening Criteria – You may only use the required qualifications on the posting as the screening criteria. Any newly created criteria will not be accepted by HR. You may refer to the posting notice sent to you earlier.

Selection Report – This must include the names of all the applicants that were interviewed or contacted for an interview. Only the applicant who scored the highest can be selected as the final candidate. At least 3 candidates must be contacted for interviews or Central HR will not approve the selected candidate.

 Selection Criteria – You may only use the required or preferred knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s) specified in the "Knowledge, Skills and Abilities" section of the job description. Any newly created criteria will not be accepted by HR and will delay the process. You may download the Online Job Description by referring to the job number for this position.

 Employment Eligibility – Check the final candidate’s employment eligibility for the position.  If the candidate is on a visa status, the actual visa documents must be submitted to Ling’s office for verification of the employment eligibility at UCSD.  If the position is a career position, the individual must possess a valid visa for the duration of the appointment.  No requests will be submitted to the central HR Office for final approval unless the employment eligibility is verified.

 Background Check – If the position requires a background check, have the selected candidate complete and sign the Authorization/Release for Procurement of Pre-Employment Background Check. Once the candidate has signed the Authorization/Release, please have them complete the Live Scan Request Form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form. Submit the Authorization/Release form with the rest of the hiring packet.

 Pay Rate – The new candidate should be offered step 1 or the minimum salary for the new payroll title. You should discuss the pay rate with Ling if you plan to propose a salary higher than step 1/minimum of the pay range. The candidate's most recent pay stub and a justification letter from the hiring supervisor are required for the proposal of a pay rate above the step 1/minimum of the pay range.

 Start date – A reasonable start date should be indicated on the Selection Report. Normally, the minimum turnaround time is three days from the date the hiring packet is received in Ling's office, provided there are no items missing from the forms or problems with the requests.

 Signatures – The Selection Report should be signed by the supervisor, and the Online Resume/Application should be signed by the final candidate. HR will not approve the request if the signatures are missing from either of the forms.

 To keep the final candidate interested in the position, you may inform the individual that he/she is the top candidate, but do not make the offer until you have received official approval from the Psychiatry Business Office and Central HR. You may make the offer as soon as you have obtained the approval from HR.

You may fax the packet to Ling at (858) 822-0014 or mail it to 0737.

University of California, San Diego, Department of Psychiatry, 9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0603 La Jolla, CA 92037-0603
Telephone: (858) 534-3684, Fax: (858) 534-7653, Electronic Mail: psychiatry@ucsd.edu