Please review the following items describing your responsibilities as a hiring supervisor.

1. The skills and knowledge used to screen the resumes and also should be used during the interview process.

2. Review the Affirmative Action goals for your area and consider the applicants who are underrepresented for this job category. They are identified on the referral list by an asterisk (*) beside their name.

3. Identify the screening criteria based on the job description and define the experience, skills and knowledge important to the performance of the essential functions. Write each criterion on the screening worksheet, using the HR worksheet as a sample which can be modified to better meet your needs. Document your assessment as you review resumes.

4. Identify the best matched candidates as quickly as possible. Consider using screening by telephone to gather additional information without the necessity for a formal interview.

5. Prepare interview questions that focus on the major job functions and responsibilities, with an emphasis on performance and accomplishments. Review resumes before interviews and make notes regarding any information gaps that require follow-up in the interview. Check references.

6. Document your decision using the Selection Report. Please follow your department's internal procedures for closing the recruitment and completing the selection process.

7. Send the screening worksheet, selection report, resume and resume supplement for the selected candidate along with the proposed salary to the Human Resources Recruiter before making an offer. Please remember to notify the Human Resources Recruiter of the applicant's acceptance or declination of the job offer.

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