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Carrie R. McDonald, Ph.D.
Assistant Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry
PHONE #: (858) 534-2678
FAX #: (858) 534-1078



Dr. McDonald received her B.S. in Psychology from Eckerd College and her Ph.D. in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Florida, with a specialization in neuropsychology. She completed a predoctoral internship in clinical neuropsychology at UCSD and the V.A. San Diego Healthcare System. She completed pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships awarded by the Epilepsy Foundation/American Epilepsy Society, as well as the UCSD Fellowship in Biological Psychiatry and Neuroscience. She joined the UCSD faculty in 2006 and is currently the Principal Investigator on two NIH grants, a Career Development Award (K-23) and a R01, both from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). She is a member of the UCSD Multimodal Imaging Laboratory and the UCSD Epilepsy Center.

Research Focus
Dr. McDonald’s research focuses on understanding neuropsychological deficits in patients with intractable epilepsy before and after surgical resection of the epileptic focus. Her research uses structural (i.e., volumetric MRI and DTI) and functional (MEG and fMRI) neuroimaging to explore the timing and localization of language and memory processing in patients with epilepsy, with the goal of determining the best predictors of postsurgical outcome. Her research goals are aligned with the clinical goal of developing and implementing new cognitive/imaging paradigms for clinical use. She is also involved in neuroimaging and neuropsychological research in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, and healthy aging.

Clinical Focus
Dr. McDonald is a licensed clinical psychologist and a member of UCSD Neuropsychological Associates where she evaluates adults with a range of neurological and psychiatric conditions. She is particularly interested in the development and implementation of noninvasive methods (i.e., MEG and fMRI) for presurgical language and memory mapping in patients with intractable epilepsy and brain tumors.

Selected Publications
McDonald, C.R., Gharapetian, L., McEvoy, L.K., Fennema-Notestine, C., Hagler, D. J., Jr., Holland, D., Dale, A.M. and the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (in press). Relationship between regional atrophy rates and cognitive decline in mild cognitive impairment. Neurobiology of Aging.

McDonald, C. R., Thesen, T., Hagler, D. J., Carlson, C., Devinsky, O., Kuzniecky, R., Barr, W., Gharapetian, L., Trongnetrpunya, A., Dale, A. M., & Halgren, E. (2009). Distributed source modeling of language with magnetoencephalography: application to patients with intractable epilepsy. Epilepsia, 50(10), 2256-66.

McDonald, C. R., Ahmadi, M. E., Hagler, D. J., Jr., Tecoma, E. S., Iragui, V. J., Gharapetian, L., Dale, A. M., & Halgren, E. (2008). Diffusion tensor imaging correlates of memory and language impairments in temporal lobe epilepsy. Neurology, 71(23), 1869-76.

McDonald, C.R., Hagler, D.J., Jr., Ahmadi, M.E., Tecoma, E.S., Iragui, V.I., Dale, A.M. & Halgren, E. (2008). Subcortical and cerebellar atrophy in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy revealed by automatic segmentation. Epilepsy Research, 79, 130-8.

McDonald, C. R., Hagler, D.J., Ahmadi, M.E., Gharapetian, L., Tecoma, E. S., Iragui, V. J., Dale, A. M., & Halgren, E. (2008). Regional neocortical thinning in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsia, 49(5), 794-803.


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