Carmen Pulido, Ph.D.



Carmen Pulido, Ph.D.
Assistant Adjunct Professor
PHONE #: 858-822-3847
FAX #:      858-822-3933



Dr. Pulido has been working in addictions research with youth for over 11 years. As a graduate student, at the San Diego State University/ UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, she conducted research with SDSU and UCSD college students and adolescents through Dr. Tapert’s Adolescent Brain Imaging Project.

Dr. Pulido’s dissertation consisted on developing an Alcohol Cue Reactivity task for its use during neuroimaging. Dr. Pulido received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in Neuropsychology, in 2008. Dr. Pulido is currently supported through a grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Research Focus

Dr. Pulido’s research focus is on alcohol cue reactivity among youth. She is the principal investigator of a study of the effect of alcohol treatment, as compared to abstinence alone, on alcohol cue reactivity on an adolescent sample using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Dr. Pulido is also examining the development alcohol cue reactivity among at-risk adolescents. She is investigating what can neuronal responses to alcohol cues inform us regarding adolescents’ current and future problem drinking behavior. 

Clinical Focus

During her training, Dr. Pulido completed practicums at the San Diego VA Medical Center in the Neuropsychology Assessment Unit and Substance and Mental Illness clinic. She completed her clinical internship at San Diego Kaiser Permanente where she provided bilingual services. Dr. Pulido's post doctoral training included neuropsychological fellowships at the San Diego VA Medical Center Substance and Mental Illness clinic and UCSD Hillcrest Medical Center.

Dr. Pulido (PSY24207) is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California. She conducts cognitive behavioral therapy and neuropsychological assessments in English and Spanish.

Dr. Pulido is a psychologist at the Veterans Healthcare System San Diego.

Selected Publications

  1. Tapert, S. F., Pulido, C., Paulus, M. P., Schuckit, M.A., & Burke, C. (2004). Level of Response to Alcohol and Brain Response during Visual Working Memory. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 65, 692-700.
  2. Pulido, C., Mok, A., Brown, S.A. & Tapert, S.F. (2008). Heavy Drinking Relates to Positive Valence Ratings of Alcohol Cues. Addiction Biology, 14, 65-72.
  3. Armel, K.C., Pulido, C., Wixted, J.T., Chiba, A. A. (2009). The Smart Gut: Tracking Affective Associative Learning with Measures of “Liking,” Facial Electromyography, and Preferential Looking. Learning and Motivation, 40, 74-93.
  4. Pulido, C., Anderson, K.G., Armstead, A.G., Brown, S.A., & Tapert, S.T. (2009). Family History of Alcohol Use Disorders and Spatial Working Memory: Effects on Adolescent Alcohol Expectancies. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 70, 87-91.  
  5. Pulido, C., Brown, S.A., Cummins, K., & Tapert, S. F. (2010). Alcohol Cue Reactivity Task Development. Additive Behaviors, 35, 84-90. PMID: 19800172.




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