Eric Granholm, Ph.D.
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Dr. Granholm received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1991. At the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, he completed both a Clinical Psychology Internship and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Neuropsychology. Dr. Granholm is Director of the UCSD/VA Psychology Internship Program and Program Director of the Schizophrenic Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and a member of the Neuropsychology and Experimental Psychopathology Tracts.

Research Focus 
Dr. Granholm is a cognitive neuropsychologist and active basic and clinical researcher in attention, memory and psychophysiology (pupillography) in patients with schizophrenia. His primary research focus is on older patients with schizophrenia, with major projects examining (1) abnormally accelerated age-related decline in attention and information processing abilities and (2) treatment outcome in cognitive-behavioral interventions for older patients with psychosis. He has over 70 publications, has been PI on 5 grants, currently serves on the editorial boards of Neuropsychology, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, and International Journal of Psychophysiology.

Clinical Focus 
Dr. Granholm is Program Director of the Schizophrenic Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (SPRP) at the VASDHS. His primary clinical focus is on cognitive-behavioral and social skills training interventions and neuropsychological assessment for severely mentally ill patients with and without co-morbid substance use disorders. He is also an active clinical supervisor and teacher of psychology interns, JDP practicum students and psychiatry residents in this clinical area.

Selected Publications 

  • Granholm, E., McQuaid, J.R., McClure, F.S., Auslander, L.A., Perivoliotis, D. Pedrelli, P., Patterson, T. & Jeste, D.V. (2005). A randomized, controlled trial of cognitive behavioral social skills training for middle-aged and older patients with chronic schizophrenia. American Journal of Psychiatry, 162, 520-529.
  • Granholm, E., Cadenhead, K., Shafer, K., & Filoteo, J.V. (2002). Hemispheric deficits on the global-local task in unmedicated schizotypal participants. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 111, 42-52.
  • Granholm, E., McQuaid, J., McClure, F., Pedrelli, P. & Jeste, D. (2001). A randomized controlled pilot study of cognitive behavioral social skills training for older patients with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 53, 167-169.
  • Granholm, E., Morris, S., Asarnow, R. F., Chock, D., & Jeste, D. V. (2000). Accelerated age-related decline in processing resources in schizophrenia: Evidence from papillary responses recorded during the span of apprehension task. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 6, 30-43.
  • Granholm, E., Morris, S.K., Sarkin, A.J., Asarnow, R.F. & Jeste, D.V. (1997). Pupillary responses index overload of working memory resources in schizophrenia. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 106,(3), 458-467.

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