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The City

Geographic and climate desirability have been responsible for the progressive growth of San Diego County over the past fifteen years. The city of San Diego has become a focal point for health sciences and facilities for the 2.5 million residents. There are thirty‐seven hospitals containing 4,000 acute, short‐term beds, and sixty‐one nursing care facilities serving the immediate area. The San Diego Psychoanalytic Institute offers programs in psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy and full psychoanalytic training. In addition, San Diego has become a center for biomedical research as a result of the development of UCSD, and the Salk and Scripps Research Institutes.

Campus Resources

There are two medical libraries at UC San Diego. The Biomedical Library, housed in the Basic Science Building, serves students, staff, and faculty of the School of Medicine and those graduate programs in biology. The collection numbers 75,000 volumes and 4,000 journal subscriptions. The Medical Center Library located at the UC San Diego Medical Center, contains over 21,000 volumes, as well as slides, cassettes, and other informational material.

RCHSD Resources

Rady Children's Hospital San Diego (RCHSD) also has a library available to residents twenty‐four hours per day and seven days per week with computerized and inter‐loan capability. The library receives two‐hundred medical journals and sixteen psychiatric journals. Rady Children's Hospital San Diego is the largest children's hospital in California with 475 beds. Rady Children's Hospital operates an inpatient child psychiatry unit as well as a medical behavioral unit. The outpatient psychiatry clinic at Rady Children's Hospital is the largest provider of mental health services for children in San Diego County.

The Rady's Developmental and Behavioral Services complex includes Chadwick Center for child abuse and neglect, a Kidstart program for preschool children with a variety of medical, behavioral and developmental issues, an autism discovery institute and preschool for at-risk children, developmental evaluation clinic and speech and hearing clinic.

Community Programs

We also have affiliation with community programs including: Family Health Centers of San Diego, Vista Hill Foundation and San Diego Center for Children.