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Educational Sites

The program will include a longitudinal placement site as well as a mix of rotational site placements. The longitudinal sites will be largely clinical, team based healthcare delivery and patient centered care. ​Rotational site placements will allow the Nurse Practitioner Students to have exposure to unique patient populations and utilize their skills in furthering the mission of the partnership programs. These rotations will give wide ranging perspectives on how a public mental health care system is organized and coordinated. The clinical sites allow for learning experience that gives an overview of how different community stakeholders (i.e. hospitals, specialty clinics, emergency psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry) are involved in the funding, support, and referral process of the mental health system. The sites include those that focus on children, parents, seriously mentally ill, homeless, substance abuse, emergency,, and older populations. It also includes exposure to third party funding organizations that deal with Medi-Cal and Dual Eligible populations.

Longitudinal Placement


UC San Diego Health provides expert mental health service for adults in the San Diego area. Our clinics are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of compassionate licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers. We offer our patients Comprehensive psychiatric and psychological evaluation, Medication treatment, Individual psychotherapy, Specialized group therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and mentalization-based therapy, and more.

Areta Crowell Wellness Recovery Center

Areta Crowell Wellness Recovery Center’s services are based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, with emphasis on attending to the whole person and re-establishing one’s life as a result of the consequences of mental illness, rather than simply attending to the symptoms of the illness. The services focus on recovery, rehabilitation, and community integration, and are individualized to meet the needs of each client. Clients actively participate in setting service plan goals and are encouraged to involve family and significant others in the recovery plan.

Rotational Site Placements 

Community Research Foundation 

Jane Westin Wellness Recovery Center

Jane Westin Center is a walk-in, urban, center which provides evaluation and treatment that are consistent with psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery principles to adults 18 years of age and older with serious mental illness and/or co-occurring mental health and substance disorders. The objective at the Jane Westin Center is to provide mental health evaluation and treatment that will help stabilize clients who are unable to be treated elsewhere and then link them with another program for on-going medication management services and/or other services and supports.

South Bay Guidance Center

South Bay Guidance Wellness Recovery Center services are based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, with emphasis on attending to the whole person and re-establishing one's life as a result of the consequences of mental illness and sometimes co-occurring substance use disorders. The services focus on recovery, rehabilitation, and community integration, and are individualized to meet the needs of each client. Clients actively participate in setting service plan goals and are encouraged to involve family and significant others in the recovery plan. The team at South Bay Guidance Wellness Recovery Center is multi-disciplinary, and consists of psychologists, marriage and family therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, and master's level psychology interns. In addition, the team is bilingual and bicultural, across all disciplines, in order to linguistically and culturally address the needs of the large Latino population in the South region of San Diego.

Vista Balboa Crisis Center START Programs

The START programs (Short Term Acute Residential Treatment, also referred to as crisis residential programs) are located throughout San Diego County and offer an alternative to hospitalization for adults who are suffering an acute psychiatric crisis that is not manageable on an outpatient basis. CRF's START programs are the only integrated system of crisis residential programs in the United States that have been recognized by SAMHSA as evidence-based and listed in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. They are CARF accredited as Mental Health Crisis Stabilization programs, licensed by the Department of Social Services, and certified by the Department of Healthcare Services. In a community-based, homelike environment, the multidisciplinary team of Master's prepared clinicians, nurses, psychiatrists and peers specialize in the psychosocial rehabilitation of each individual who comes through the door.

Vista Hill Programs 

Bridges Early Intervention Program

The purpose of the Bridges Early Intervention Program is to provide behavioral development curriculum to support the efforts of law enforcement, probation, and the courts when a youth is arrested for certain violations. Youth who are arrested or cited for crimes that are not seriously violent or are simply engaging in high risk behaviors, are given the opportunity to participate in programming that, if successfully completed, will help the young person keep from further involvement in the justice system. The classes offered in “Bridges” emphasize factual information and skill development to increase the frequency of positive choices made by the youth. Classes cover a range of topics (anger management, alternatives to high risk behavior, drug awareness and tobacco education), screening and assessment services and drug testing.

Don Allen Parent Care Family Recovery Center

Parent Care was started in 1989 by Grossmont District Hospital through a grant to counsel and educate substance abusing parenting women. In 1993, in recognition of the growing crisis of drug addicted newborns, Vista Hill stepped in to help break the cycle of substance abuse, child abuse, and family violence. Since that time, the Don Allen Parent Care Family Recovery Center has provided substance abuse recovery services to pregnant and parenting women, newborn infants and young children in East San Diego County. The families served at Parent Care are at high risk for child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness, and many have a dual diagnosis of mental illness. Parent Care has been recognized as a leader in the development of family-centered recovery services and is making a significant difference in preventing child abuse and reducing perinatal drug and alcohol exposure. The Parent Care Center plays a critical partnership role with County Child Protective Services, drug and family courts, and local hospitals. Vista Hill Parent Care's Incredible Families Program (IFP) was designed to consolidate needed services, and improve outcomes for children and their families involved in East County Child Welfare Services (CWS). Utilizing proven methods from the evidence-based Incredible Years model, the goal of the program is safe and successful family reunification (for families of children in foster care), improved family functioning, and improved mental health functioning for referred children.

Other Programs

UC San Diego Emergency Department, Consultation Liaison Team

As a CL team member, the student will learn to do an initial evaluation and make treatment recommendations for management of agitation, delirium, anxiety, depression and psychosis in medically ill patients. In addition, the student will be able to evaluate for substance use disorders, intoxication, and withdrawal. By the end of this rotation, the student will be able to efficiently interview a patient and become proficient in formulating and presenting a biopsychosocial formulation and treatment plan.

Memory, Aging, & Resilience Clinic (MARC)

UC San Diego Health's Memory, Aging and Resilience Clinic (MARC) offers comprehensive assessment and consultative services for individuals with suspected cognitive impairments or memory complaints. The clinic is specifically designed to target early diagnosis and intervention, and to go beyond testing and evaluations, offering treatment recommendations and referrals to specialists and specialty services. Its goal is to help patients, families and caregivers develop a plan for managing a chronic, long-term neurodegenerative illness. Early intervention and diagnosis may help improve understanding of the impacts of neurocognitive disease on patients and families, improving quality of life for all.

San Diego Youth Services Counseling Cove

San Diego Youth Services Counseling Cove provides intensive, outpatient mental health services, trauma informed care and case management for youth ages 12-20 who are experiencing homelessness or running away from home. Counseling Cove uses a comprehensive approach that is community-based, client and family-driven and culturally competent. Services are strength-based, focusing on resilience and recovery. Under the Mental Health Services Act, Counseling Cove is a Full Service Partnership Program. As such, staff do “whatever it takes” and follow the “no wrong door policy” to meet needs. The Counseling Cove team makes significant efforts to locate and engage youth experiencing homelessness to help increase access to mental health services.

San Diego Youth Services: iCare

The FBI classifies San Diego, our fine city, as one of the top cities for sex trafficking of children in the nation. Studies indicate there are more than 3,000 and possibly as high as 8,000 sex trafficking victims every year in San Diego. I CARE is a new program that expands our support to youth up to age 21 who are at risk for or have experienced sex trafficking or other commercial sexual exploitation. The program provides a mental health clinic and a drop-in center.

San Diego Services: STARS

San Diego Youth Services STARS (Surviving Together, Achieving and Reaching for Success) program empowers survivors ages 13-24 to leave sexual exploitation and trafficking by providing emotional support to develop their inner strengths, improve their self-esteem and identify their dreams. We promote healing through relationships and a sense of community through our client-centered, trauma-informed services. Last year, STARS helped 189 survivors of human trafficking and provided 42 community trainings.

San Diego Youth Services: East County Behavioral Health Clinic

Provides family and child counseling, school linked therapy, psychiatric services, medication evaluations, and case management services to youth who may be suffering from behavioral, emotional, or psychological problems. Services are provided at our centrally located clinic, in the home, or at school campuses in the Lakeside Union School District, Santee School District, and Grossmont Union High School District. English, Spanish, and Arabic speaking clinicians are on staff and alternate language services can be arranged as needed.

San Diego Youth Services: BridgeWays

BridgeWays Outpatient Clinic works with justice involved youth or youth at risk of justice involvement up to age 21 and full-scope Medi-Cal beneficiaries, low income or uninsured. Juvenile Recovery Specialists and Mental Health Clinicians provide services to youth while they are at one of the three juvenile facilities that the San Diego County Juvenile Probation Department supervises. BridgeWays Field Supportive Services facilitates a continuum of care for youth and their families in the community. Some of these youth are participating in services through: Breaking Cycles Court Order, Juvenile Forensic Assistance for Stabilization and Treatment Court, or Reflections and Youth Day Center North, Youth Day Center Central and community-based therapeutic programming.

UC San Diego Senior Behavioral Health

The Senior Behavioral Health program at UC San Diego Health is designed to treat and care for people 65 and older with mild, moderate or severe mental health concerns. These mental health issues may be related to aging, chronic health problems, loss of loved ones or other stressful life events, or they may be conditions that have gone unaddressed for decades. Whatever the origin of a person’s mental health issues, Senior Behavioral Health programs are tailored to help improve day-to-day functioning and enjoy a higher quality of life and improved health.

Survivors of Torture, International

Survivors of Torture, International is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for survivors of politically motivated torture and their families who live in San Diego County. Its mission is to help survivors to recover from their traumas through a holistic program including mental health, psychiatry, social services, and medical case management. Survivors of Torture, International empowers torture survivors to reclaim the strength and vitality that were stolen from them by brutal dictators and governments. The clinic uses a team-based approach utilizing case managers, therapists, physicians and nurses, and culturally sensitive translators.