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UCSD Center for Circadian Biology

The UCSD Center for Circadian Biology provides a range of services to researchers and students in the field of biological rhythms. The website has many useful resources for learning about circadian rhythms and the broad network of scientists who study them. David Welsh is currently the Acting Director of the program.

BioClock Studio

The BioClock Studio is a course in which students drawn from diverse disciplines work collaboratively to develop their scientific and communication skills and produce creative educational materials. By working closely with UCSD faculty, the students enhance understanding among different audiences, including students, the general public, clinicians, and researchers outside of circadian biology. The BioClock Studio was made possible by an HHMI Professor Grant to Dr. Susan Golden from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

UCSD Psychiatry Research Residency Track

The UCSD Research Residency Track strives to educate future academic psychiatrists by developing skills in research, clinical care, teaching and mental health advocacy. The small, individualized program is supported by valuable resources within UCSD and the surrounding neuroscience community.

UCSD T32 Fellowship in Biopsychiatry and Neuroscience

The two-year Fellowship in biological psychiatry and neuroscience is aimed at training physicians and psychologists in the biological underpinnings of mental disorders. Led by distinguished faculty members from the Department of Psychiatry and the broader UCSD campus, fellows improve their presentation and written skills while exploring potential collaborations for future scientific studies.