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Chair's Office

Role Name
Chair's Office Manager Loralyn Cross
DOP Administrative Assistant Sarah Garvin
Administrative Assistant to the Chair Elizabeth "Liz" Lam
Student Administrative Assistant Hannah Xu

Psychiatry Education & Training (PET)

Role Name
Fellowship & Education Program Coordinator Jennifer Hickey-Hinojosa

Academic Affairs

Role Name
Senior Academic Affairs Analyst Joanna Horning
Academic Affairs Analyst Jeanine Chan
Student Administrative Assistant Harmony Schwartz

Human Resources

Role Name
HR Coordinator Mindie Hsu
HR Assistant Kelsey Sandoval

Business Office

Role Name
Interim Administrative Vice Chair (AdVC) and DBO Michael Morales
Business Office Analyst Arti Jaiswal

Finance & Budget

Role Name
Financial Director Ashley Etesami
Senior Financial Analyst Elizabeth Van Slyke
Financial Analyst Jackeline Lopez
Sonya Alvarado

Contracts & Grants

Role Name
Director of Sponsored Project Administration Judy de los Santos
Assistant Director of Sponsored Project Administration Carolyn Topete
Contracts & Grants Trainer Christina Gramatikova
Fiscal Project Assistants Bianca Ortiz
Laura Alvarado
Pre-Award Proposal Inquiries
Post-Award Inquiries
Contracts & Grants Fund Managers

Kelley Cohen
Lindsay Daniels
Julo Eliacin
Steven Fernandez
Tiffany Gremillion
Edith Ibarra

Cedrick Jumanan
Sophia King
Rubi Ornelas
Natalie Revis
Breanna Soares (VA PAs and VMRF JPAs)
Ashlee Zhang

Clinical Office

Role Name
Clinical Affairs Program Manager Patricia Correia
Clinical Affairs Administrative Assistant Audrina Gomez
Clinical Affairs Financial Director Alece Hon
Clinical Financial Analyst Nicole Figueroa
Clinical Fiscal Assistant Kristin Woo