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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs office is here to facilitate the recruitment, appointment, advancement, and development of outstanding and diverse faculty and academic appointees. 


A new faculty or non-faculty academic appointment takes approximately nine months to one year to complete. In order to begin the process of a new faculty appointment, an application must be submitted via a recruitment link on the careers page.  If you are interested in a voluntary non-salaried appointment please reach out to Jennifer Hickey-Hinojosa ( who is the Program Manager for Education and Training Services.

Information on types of appointments can be found on the Academic Resource Center page.

If you are a trainee and will be going through the K-R Process, please visit the trainee resources page for additional information.

There are several components to a new faculty appointment. New junior faculty members are assigned an academic mentor and career development mentor. These senior faculty mentors are here to help and provide guidance for their careers here at UCSD.

Faculty compensation can be made up of several components which can be explained by viewing the ABCs of XYZ. If you have additional questions regarding your effort and compensation, please reach out to the  business office.

New faculty members, will need to create or update a profile in Blink and UCSD Profiles. UCSD Profiles is managed by the Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute. As faculty rank, step, and/or titles change in their career, it is important to update profiles to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Academic Reviews

As part of your faculty appointment, you will be required to undergo an academic review for advancement and reappointment. Academic reviews for assistant and associate rank faculty occur every two years, full rank occur every three years, and rank at Step 9 and above scale occur every four years. 

To prepare for your academic review, you can download an introduction to the academic review process here.

The components of your academic review consist of performance in scholarly and creative activity and/or professional competence and clinical activity, teaching, and university and professional service including contributions to diversity. Our department has different criteria for merit, accelerated merit, and promotion for the HS Clinical, Clinical X, and Ladder/In-Res/Adjunct series. Click on the series for advancement guidelines.

Faculty will need to write a self-assessment to submit with their file materials and we understand it is difficult to know where to begin. If you would like a copy of a sample self-assessment, please reach out to Jeanine Chan ( or Joanna Horning ( and they can provide you a copy and answer any questions.

You will be required to submit teaching evaluations as part of your academic review. There are several ways to collect teaching evaluations and it is the faculty's responsibility to collect and store the evaluations for review. Instructions and additional information on teaching evaluations can be found here.

Where CAP stood 2022 - 2023 report

This report outlines and summarizes key issues and topics for the Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP). The goal of the report is to provide transparency and understanding of their standards and practices and help departments identify problematic file preparation areas and better understanding and rationale behind CAP recommendations.

For faculty in the HS Clinical Series, files are reviewed by School of Medicine Committee on Academic Personnel (SOMCAP).

Where SOMCAP stood 2021 - 2022 report


There are several types of academic leaves and accommodations at UCSD. You can find a detailed description of types of leaves on the Academic Personnel Services Website.

For Family and Medical Leave aka FMLA (Childbearing Leave, Parental Bonding Leave, Family Leave (Without Pay), and Active Service Modified Duties) please reach out to your direct supervisor to discuss your requested leave. To start the process, please submit a request to and cc Jeanine Chan and/or Joanna Horning. Please indicate the type of leave request in the subject line. ARC will open a case and work with you regarding your leave plan.

**For clinical providers, please note that FMLA is protected time/days and if you plan to use vacation time, please contact Alece Hon. Faculty wRVU targets are not prorated for use of vacation. 

Personal illness leaves (Paid Medical Leave, for example) need an ALAS form and supporting documentation indicating length of leave necessary from a doctor or medical practitioner.

Research leaves beyond chair’s approval (Sabbatical, Leave in Lieu of Sabbatical, Leaves to Attend a Professional Meeting, Extended Leave, etc.) require an ALAS form and supporting documentation.

ALAS forms are provided once you have e-mailed to start a new case.




Resignation or retirement -  please email a resignation/retirement letter to the Chair at least 90 days in advance of the last day worked and effective date of resignation or retirement and cc: Jeanine Chan and/or Joanna Horning. If you have plans to retire, best practice is to reach out to Retirement Administration Services Center (800-888-8267) as soon as possible to discuss your pending retirement plans. If you would like to Return to Active Duty, please include the request in your resignation/retirement letter.

If you have active grants and staff that may need to be laid off or be transfered, please contact Judith DeLos Santos ( and Mindie Hsu ( to discuss the process.

You can find the department's separation policy here which covers e-mail accounts, change in status requests, retirement steps, RTAD, and etc with a separation check list to aid the process.

Please visit the Academic Services Personnel site for additional FAQs on faculty retirement or the Retirement Counseling site.


To begin a new staff or post-doctoral hire please contact Mindie Hsu ( or Kelsey Sandoval (

Please visit the careers page for links to apply for a new faculty appointment. 

Visa requests for potential new faculty, non-academic faculty, postdoctoral scholars and other titles are handled by both internal human resources and academic affairs in partnership with the International Faculty and Scholars Office. For visa questions or requests for faculty and non-academic faculty contact Jeanine Chan ( or Joanna Horning ( and for post-doctoral scholars and other titles contact Mindie Hsu ( or Kelsey Sandoval (

For a detailed explanation of UC Benefits, please the UC Net Benefits site.

Please log in to UC Path to find items such as your Employee ID Number (EID), view vacation accrual and leave balances, view benefits summary,  enroll in direct deposit, view and download your paycheck, W-2, 1095, verification of employment, and update contact information.