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Department of Psychiatry Internal Awards

Mike Bloom Leadership Fund in Psychiatry

The Mike Bloom Leadership Fund in Psychiatry has been established to recognize staff who demonstrate ideals of kindness, thoughtfulness, fairness, compassion and wisdom.

Past Recipients
2019-2020 - Ling Zentner & Ata Koryurek
2020-2021 - Judy de los Santos
2021-2022 - Carolyn Topete
2022-2023 - Valeri Ivanov & Sonja Eberson-Schumate 
2023-2024 - Loralyn Cross

JoAnn and Igor Grant Endowed Prize for Professional Excellence in a Psychiatry Resident

The purpose of the endowed Fund is to recognize exceptional clinical care by providing an annual prize to adult and child psychiatry residents in each year of training who demonstrate the highest degree of professional growth, indexed by such attributes as: passion for learning; respectful teamwork with their mentors, fellow trainees, and health care staff; devotion to patients; demonstration of development of clinical excellence; and a selfless attitude. This endowed prize shall be selected and administered by the Department of Psychiatry. Candidates shall be nominated by clinical supervisors of the units and clinics to which the resident was assigned that year, and finalists selected by a committee established by the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry. Assuming suitable candidates, six prizes, including cash awards of approximately $500 will be awarded to the finalists in each of the four years of adult residency and each of the two years of child fellowship. See the nomination form.

Past recipients
2019 - Adult Psychiatry Year 1: Morrison Steel, MD
2019 - Adult Psychiatry Year 2: Chun (Kevin) Luo, MD
2019 - Adult Psychiatry Year 3: Andrew Allen, MD
2019 - Adult Psychiatry Year 4: Mian Jan, MD
2019 - Child Psychiatry Year 1: Joseph R. Hall, MD
2019 - Child Psychiatry Year 2: Sarah Chung, MD
2020 - Adult Psychiatry Year 1: Kristen Kim, MD
2020 - Adult Psychiatry Year 2: Morrison Steel, MD
2020 - Adult Psychiatry Year 3: Belinda Daniel, MD
2020 - Adult Psychiatry Year 4: Keren Friedman, MD
2020 - Child Psychiatry Year 1: Paven Lidstone, MD
2020 - Child Psychiatry Year 2: Joseph Hall, MD
2021 - Adult Psychiatry Year 1: Zoey ZoBell, MD
2021 - Adult Psychiatry Year 2: Kristen Kim, MD
2021 - Adult Psychiatry Year 3: Anish Dhamija, MD, MS
2021 - Adult Psychiatry Year 4: Tiffany Castillo, MD
2021 - Child Psychiatry Year 1: Aisha Omorodion, MD
2021 - Child Psychiatry Year 2: Paven Lidstone, MD
2022 - Adult Psychiatry Year 1: Eric Geier, MD, PhD
2022 - Adult Psychiatry Year 2: Zoey ZoBell, MD
2022 - Adult Psychiatry Year 3: Allison Harter, MD
2022 - Adult Psychiatry Year 4: Alison Cesarz, MD
2022 - Child Psychiatry Year 2: Peter Kass, MD

Lewis L. Judd Award for Outstanding Research during UCSD Psychiatry Residency

Awarded to the best Senior Resident Independent Study Project.
Past recipients
1985 John Kelsoe, MD
1986 Mark Rapaport, MD
1987 D. Stewart Bell, MD and Steven Ornish, MD
1988 Alan Berkowitz, MD
1989 Mark Magulac, MD
1989 Daniel Sewell, MD
1990 Robert Anthenelli MD and Nancy Downs, MD
1991 Neal Swerdlow, MD, PhD
1992 Patricia Gilbert, MD
1993 Michael Lardon, MD
1994 Annette Pozos, MD
1995 David Feifel, MD, PhD
1996 Jeffrey Pyne, MD
1997 Martin Paulus, MD
1998 Carl Taswell, MD, PhD
1999 Eric Raimo, MD
2000 Shannon Robinson, MD
2001 Laura Dunn, MD
2002 A. Niculescu, MD, PhD
2003 Alvaro Camacho, MD
2004 David Lehman, MD
2005 Ryan Kimmel, MD, PhD
2006 Alejandra Postlethwaite, MD
2007 Sarah Simmons, MD
2008 Reshma Bhat, MD
2009 Michael McCarthy, MD, PhD and Fiza Singh, MD
2010 Steve Koh, MD and Jeanne Maglione, MD, PhD
2011 John Keltner, MD, PhD
2012 Robert Gorney, MD
2013 Lawrence Malak, MD
2014 Abesh Bhattacharjee, MD, PhD and Mario Salguero MD
2015 Andrea Gallardo, MD
2016 Joshua Tartaglione, DO
2017 Lauren Anderson, MD
2018 Aryandokht Fotros, MD and Alejandro Meruelo, MD, PhD
2019 Samantha Friend, MD, PhD and Maryam Soltani, MD, PhD
2020 Matthew Klein, MD, PhD and Ronit Lyon, MD 
2021 Xia Li, MD, PhD and Jeffrey Wyss, MD 
2022 Abigail Clark, MD, PhD and Sarita Shah, MD, PhD 

Jared Purton Schizophrenia Research Travel Awards

This award honored the life and memory of Dr. Jared Purton by supporting innovative clinical research that leads to improved long-term functional outcome of patients with chronic psychotic mental disorders, including schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. This award, of up to $1,000, provided support to off-set travel costs to scholarly meetings by trainees or junior faculty, who are presenting talks or posters describing their research related to schizophrenia. This award is no longer available. 
Past recipients
2017 Ellen Lee, MD
2018 Blaire Schembari, PhD
2018 Savita Bhakta, MD
2018 Sonia Milkin, PhD
2018 Zanjbeel Mahmood
2018 Emily Treichler, PhD
2019 Yash Joshi, MD, PhD
2019 Kyle Mitchell, PhD
2019 Kristen Dwyer, PhD
2019 Skylar Kelsven
2019 Yash Joshi, MD, PhD

Justine Cohen Award for Outstanding Research in Schizophrenia

This award recognizes and rewards a deserving Psychiatry trainee - medical student, Psychiatry Resident or Psychiatry Fellow - for their outstanding contribution to research related to schizophrenia. The prize consists of a plaque and $3,000, which will be awarded at the graduation banquet. To nominate an individual who meets the above criteria and warrants such an accolade, please submit nominations to Jennifer Hickey ( by May 17.
Past recipients
2015 Savita Bhakta, MD
2016 Isabel Domingues, MD
2017 Yash Joshi, MD, PhD
2018 none
2019 Ellen Lee, MD
2020 Juan Molina, MD
2022 David Adamowicz, MD, PhD