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Rotation Blocks

​UCSD Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship
2 Fellows
90% VA San Diego, 10% UC San Diego

UC San Diego CL Psychiatry Rotation Block Diagram
Block July-December January-June
​Site 1 ​VA San Diego Healthcare System ​VA San Diego Healthcare System
​Rotation Name #1 ​Inpatient C-L Psychiatry Service ​Inpatient C-L Psychiatry Service
​Rotation Name #2 ​Primary Care Mental Health Integration Clinic ​Primary Care Mental Health Integration Clinic
​Rotation Name #3 ​Specialty Clinic ​Specialty Clinic
​% Inpatient 35% ​45%

​% Outpatient

​35% ​45%
​Site 2 ​UC San Diego Health System ​​
​Rotation Name Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service ​​
​% Inpatient & Outpatient ​20%
​% Didactics ​10% ​10%


  • Duration of the fellowship is 12 months, each block is 6 months
  • Vacation time for the year is 20 days
  • The UC San Diego Health System Rotation will include both inpatient and outpatient options for tracks with a focus on Inpatient Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, Inpatient and Outpatient Palliative Care, and Outpatient Women's Reproductive Mental Health
  • VA San Diego Healthcare System Specialty Clinics include Integrated Pain and Oncology Clinic
  • One fellow will have the above schedule, the other will have the July-December and January-June blocks swapped
  • *** Note that rotations may be subject to change each year