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Amy E. Green, Ph.D.

Assistant Adjunct Professor, UC San Diego

Amy Green, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and Assistant Adjunct Professor at UC San Diego and the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center. She is treasurer of the American Psychological Association’s Division 37: Child and Family Policy and Practice and adjunct faculty at the University of San Diego. Her research focuses on implementation, adaptation, and sustainment of evidence-based practices in public sector settings for youth. Her current work examines factors impacting the sustainment of an evidence-based practice in child welfare, implementation of evidence-based strategies to reduce suicidality in LGBTQ high school students, and implementation of restorative justice practices in middle schools.

Amy Green CV 2016 (PDF)

Research Interests
  • Implementation of evidence-based practices 
  • Mental health policy 
  • Community-based prevention 
  • Public sector services for youth and families


Research Focus

Dr. Green began her research career by examining risk and protective factors among school-aged youth, positive youth development, and community/school-based prevention. Dr. Green has also had a long standing interest in child and family mental health services research, with a focus on the impact of health policies. Her pre-doctoral clinical internship focused specifically on public sector care and mental health policy. Since joining CASRC in 2009, Dr. Green has worked on research related to the implementation, adaptation, and sustainment of evidence-based practices in public sector settings for youth and families, with a focus on systemic and policy factors. Additionally, Dr. Green’s most recent work examines risk and protective factors among LGBT school-aged youth, with the ultimate goal of understanding how to best implement evidence-based strategies in schools and communities to prevent negative outcomes and increase positive development among these youth.
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