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About UC San Diego MHTech Center for Mental Health Technology

jacobs school of engineering

Solving Mental Health Problems

The primary goal of the MHTech Center is to bring together researchers and clinicians from engineering and psychiatry in order to develop novel technology tools to solve mental health (MH) problems. Engineers have solutions seeking problems and clinicians and researchers in psychiatry need solutions to MH problems with significant global impact.

Expert collaborations

The MHTech Center will foster collaborations between experts on ambulatory monitoring and mobile/wearable sensors, virtual reality, and technology design with experts on depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, chronic pain, substance abuse, suicide, and other MH challenges, as well as experts on community engagement, design and methodology, education, and ethics.

Prevention & Intervention

Our vision is that of a world in which distress and dysfunction due to MH problems are readily detected, identified and objectively quantified in the population, so early detection, prevention and intervention can be delivered in real-time real-world environments.

Cutting edge resources

UC San Diego is home to nationally renowned programs in neurosciences, engineering, medicine and psychiatry, and is surrounded by leading research institutions and numerous biotechnology companies; all resources for the center.