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Current Research Opportunities

Traumatic Brain Injury in Parkinson's Disease: A Longitudinal Study

PI: Dawn Schiehser, Ph.D.

This current study aims to investigate the impact of chronic mild or moderate TBI on cognition, neuropsychiatric symptoms, quality of life, and neuropathology in Parkinson's Disease. Participation in this study will last 24 months (2 visits) and will involve cognitive assessments and an MRI.

We are enrolling individuals:

  • with Parkinson's disease, with a history of head injury or concussion**
  • with Parkinson's disease, without a history of head injury or concussion

**If you are unsure if you have had a traumatic brain injury, please contact us and we can determine that for you.


You may receive up to $150 for study participation

Total Participation (2):

  • Baseline (in-person cognitive assessments and MRI)
  • 24-month follow-up (in-person cognitive assessments)
You may be eligible if you:
  • Are above the age of 40
  • English is your primary language
  • Are willing to undergo an MRI scan
  • Have not have Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery 

To inquire about participation, please contact one of our research coordinators at (858) 552-8585 ext. 2951.