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Compensation & Benefits

2023-2024 Salary

UC San Diego Health House Officer Salary Scale

Vacation, Sick Leave & Family Leave

Four weeks paid vacation per academic year.
Also available:

  • Parental Bonding Leave
  • Family Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Educational Leave

Benefits & Liability Insurance

UC San Diego GME Benefits & Liability Insurance 

Other Perks

Fellow Well-being

We know that fellow well-being is essential for optimal learning, competent and compassionate clinical care and the smooth functioning of the training program. For this reason we have devised a series of experiences which promote a sense of collegiality and enhance our fellows' emotional health.

Program Evaluation Committee

The fellow will participate in the Program Evaluation Committee with faculty to plan, develop, implement and evaluate educational activities of the program.

Healer Education Assessment and Referral Program (HEAR)

The HEAR Program at the UC San Diego School of Medicine provides CONFIDENTIAL, online assessment of stress, depression, and other related issues, makes personalized referrals to local mental health clinicians and other community resources, and educates medical and pharmacy students, physicians, and healthcare professionals about the signs, symptoms, and risks of burnout, depression, and suicide in the medical population.

Suicide and AdVerse Events (SAVE) Committee

The UC San Diego Psychiatry Residency Program developed the SAVE committee to provide support for trainees after a patient of theirs has had a serious suicide attempt or died by suicide, as well as other adverse events such as patient violence toward trainees. 

Annual Inter-Fellowship Retreat

The UC San Diego CL Fellows participate each year with the UC San Diego Geriatric Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry Fellows in an Inter-Fellowship Retreat.

2022 Retreat Photos