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Junior Psych Academy

UCSD Community Psychiatry Program is proud to bring UCSD Junior Psych Academy to San Diego community colleges and high schools. Our mission is to:

  1. Foster interest and exposure to careers in behavioral health and in the public mental health system
  2. Empower students to succeed in their respective goals through mentorship, comprehensive career support, training, and wellness.

Participation in our program is voluntary and free of charge. Students have flexibility to tailor their participation in our program to their individual interests and availability. Events vary from year to year but include field trips to UCSD campus and community clinics and hospitals; attendance to a research conference and skill development to ask research questions; learning about neuroanatomy from a neuropsychologist; hands on training from nurses; a day in the life of a psychiatrist, social worker, and peer support specialist; mental health first aid and suicide prevention; and many more.

Students will receive guidance and establish a relationship with a working professional in a field of their interest. Mentors may be psychiatrists, family medicine physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, marriage and family therapists, social workers, or addiction counselors.

Additional programming offered to all students will include academic and test prep, financial aid information sessions, wellness, career shadowing, and career and college counseling. All services free to participating students.

UCSD Junior Psych Academy is made possible by HCAI HPPP Workforce grant.



For questions or interest in our program, please contact us via email.