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Faculty Mentoring Program

Department of Psychiatry Junior Faculty Mentoring Program

The purpose of the Junior Faculty Mentoring program is to build a community of faculty excellence and facilitate the career development of junior faculty through: (1) a structured mentoring process for all junior faculty, and (2) by providing mentoring training and resources to senior faculty. This program is facilitated through the Psychiatry Mentoring Committee and draws resources from the Health Sciences Faculty Mentoring Program.

The Health Sciences Faculty Mentor Training Program (FMTP) is a formal structured mentorship program designed to support the success of junior faculty, while also improving their sense of satisfaction and engagement with the institution. FMTP will also enhance senior faculty training in effective mentoring, facilitate the adoption of a formalized faculty mentor program within the individual departments/divisions and cultivate an environment where mentoring excellence is valued. FMTP is a new program developed by the Office of Faculty Affairs. The 3-year pilot program is supported by the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, Chancellor and the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Structured Mentoring Process for Junior Faculty

All Assistant Professors and Research Scientists in the Department are assigned two mentors: 

  1. Academic mentor (faculty member who works in a similar clinical or research area);
  2. Career development mentor (faculty member who works outside clinical or research area; advises on career issues).
Both mentors will be a more senior faculty member to serve as a resource available to junior faculty throughout their junior faculty years as they prepare for future promotion to the Associate rank. The goals for the faculty mentors are to facilitate the development of junior faculty mentees' Career Development Plan (CDP) aligned with the Department promotion and advancement criteria, sponsor/champion the individual mentees, and guide/support the junior faculty.

Mentoring Training and Resources for Senior Faculty Mentors

The Psychiatry Mentorship Committee provides didactic training to senior faculty at least annually and has adapted the Health Sciences Faculty Mentoring Training Program Toolkit for our faculty. This toolkit as well as past workshop slides and video recordings are available: Department of Psychiatry iShare for Internal Resources.

Psychiatry Mentoring Committee Members

  • Cris Achim
  • Savita Bhakta
  • Lauren Brookman-Frazee
  • Jeanine Chan
  • Mariana Cherner (Chair)
  • Suzi Hong
  • Joanna Horning
  • Joanna Jacobus
  • Laurie Lindamer 
  • Victoria Risbrough 
  • Susan Tapert 
  • Tamara Wall

Additional Mentoring Resources

Personalized Consultation Program. Faculty wishing to receive additional consultation regarding the interface of identity characteristics with their professional lives can also avail themselves of the Personalized Consultation Program, created and run by members of the Chair's Advisory Committee on Diversity Issues.

Contact Veronica Cardenas or Matthew Panizzon for details.