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Latino Participation in Research

Impact on the Latino Community

The goal of many research studies is to understand different types of illnesses and how to care for those affected by them.

However, few studies have included large numbers of Latinos — because of this:

  • There may be illnesses that are more common among Latinos, but people do not know.

  • Results from some studies already show that certain illnesses are more common among Latinos, but people do not know why.

  • Without Latino participants, we will not know for sure if treatments will work in the Latino community.

Some Latinos don't think that it's important to participate in research studies. However, your participation is crucial to understand what's happening within the Latino community and which treatments are best for Latinos.

Research to understand the health needs of Latinos is necessary in order to provide better care and treatment for those who suffer from physical and mental illnesses, and to help their families.

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