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What is the purpose of research studies?

The purpose of research is to learn something about a group of people. It is usually done to improve or develop new methods of health care/education.

Are research studies voluntary?

Yes, all studies are voluntary. No one can force you to be in a study, and if you join a study, you can change your mind and stop at any time without penalty.

What happens if I decide to participate in a study?

Before you actually start participating you will be shown a consent form that will give you information about the study including things like:

  • Purpose: What are the researchers trying to find out?
  • Procedure: What will happen if you join the study?
  • Risks: Will anything hurt or bother you?
  • Benefits: Will the study help you? Some studies will not help you directly, but the results might help other people like you, people with illnesses and/or the next generation. Some studies wil pay you to participate.
  • Confidentiality: Any information you provide will be kept safe. It will be used only for research purposes. Your identity and personal information will be protected.