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Tasks and Models


12-Arm Radial Arm Maze (RAM)
5-choice continuous performance test (5C-CPT)
5-choice serial reaction-time task (5CSRTT)
Barnes Maze
Behavioral Pattern Monitor (BPM)
Discrete Trials Task (DTT)
Effort Based Decision Making Task (EBDMT)
Elevated Plus Maze (EPM)
Fear Potentiated Startle (FPS)
Forced Swim Test (FST)
Freeze Monitor
Head Twitch Response (HTR)
Light-Dark Box
Novel Object Recognition Task (NORT)
Open Field Test (OFT)
Physiological monitoring with telemetry implants
Prepulse Inhibition (PPI)
Probabilistic Reversal Learning Task (PRLT)
Progressive Ratio Breakpoint Task (PRBT)
Saccharin Preference Test (SPT)
Social Approach/Recognition Task
Startle Habituation
Tail Flick Analgesia Test
Touch Screen Operant Tasks


5-HT2A knockout mice
Alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor knockout mice
Beta-arrestin mice
Blast TBI model
CLOCK Δ19 mutant mice
CRF1 knockout mice
CRF2 knockout mice
CRF over-expressing mice
Developmental neurotoxicology
Dopamine Transporter (DAT) knockdown mice
Gp120 transgenic model of HIV
HIV1-transgenic rat model of HIV
Opioid withdrawal
iTat transgenic model of HIV
Maternal immune activation (MIA)
Photoperiod Manipulation
Social Isolation rearing, mice and rats
SP4 hypomorphic mice