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CTRIN Diversity & Inclusion Statement

CTRIN is committed to creating, nurturing, and sustaining a diverse, accepting, and inclusive research environment. We are dedicated to encouraging participation from underrepresented minority groups. We believe that a diverse research group strengthens science by offering a diversity of perspectives, lived experiences, and research interests. We strive to promote diversity through education, mentorship, advocacy, and outreach.

Anti-racism statement:

We recognize that systemic racism is pervasive in our academic institutions, workplaces, and our larger society. CTRIN leadership condemns the continued violence and injustices against communities of color, especially Black Americans.

We pledge to reflect on our own implicit biases, use our privilege to advocate for community members of color, and work to increase diversity in our research group and Department. In direct response to recent events affecting communities of color, we held lab-wide anti-racism discussions, encouraged lab members to take implicit bias training, and provided resources for reporting workplace aggressions. To increase diversity in our lab, we participate in undergraduate research programs such as the Faculty Mentor Program and the STARS program (see below). We also actively recruit post-doctoral fellows from under-represented groups.

We are committed to:
  • Breaking down barriers to participation in science in under-represented minority groups
  • Considering the racial disparities of health in our mental health research
  • Ensuring adequate participation of racial and ethnic minorities in our human research studies
  • Training minorities and people of color at all academic levels.


For lab members experiencing aggressions or other inappropriate actions involving race, ethnicity, or any other status, you can report the incident to your respective PI or Ms. Mahalah Buell (lab manager). For reporting, we also direct you to Resource for Reporting and Confidential Counseling

Department and UCSD-wide resources:

The Department of Psychiatry has an active Diversity Committee and is a leader in the School of Medicine in these areas.

UCSD Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

UCSD Statement on George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery

For Students/Trainees:

STARS Program: We have been affiliated with the STARS program for over a decade and welcome trainees to apply and come work with us over the summer.

UCSD Faculty Mentor Program for UCSD undergraduates

UCSD Academic Enrichment Program

Interested in working with us? Feel free to reach out and discuss opportunities with any PI.