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Current Research Studies


Smoking Cessation:

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia? Ready to quit?

The Pacific Research and Treatment Center is looking for people who are ready to put out that cigarette!

Eligible Participants:

  • Be 18-70 years old
  • Have a strong desire to quit smoking
  • Be in good overall health


cocaine.pngCocaine Cessation:

Cocaine: Would You Like to Call It Quits? Maybe we can help.

You may be eligible to participate in our confidential 18-week research trial if you:

  • are 18-65 years old
  • have a desire to seek treatment to quit cocaine use
  • are able to attend bi-weekly visits to our medical center
  • are willing to take a study medication







alcohol.pngAlcohol Challenge:

Are You a Social Drinker Who Occasionally Uses Caffeine OR Nicotine OR Antihistamines?

The Pacific Treatment & Research Center at UCSD is conducting a research study investigating individuals' sensitivity to these common substances.

You may be eligible to participate if you are:

  • 21-25 years old
  • in good physical and mental health
  • willing to attend three visits at our medical facility in La Jolla
  • willing to consume alcohol or other substances at our facility

Call us at 858-246-4673 or visit