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Intervention for Healthy Brain Aging Study

The purpose of this study is to learn more about the effects of healthy lifestyle training on fitness, brain health, and cognitive function in older adults randomized to a "brisk walking" condition or to a "healthy aging education" condition. The focus of this study is to investigate if the brain benefits observed under "supervised training" can also apply when the training is done remotely in a person's real-world environment.

Study Goal Participant Requirements What will I have to do? How long will the study last?

Improve brain health and cognitive functions in older adults who are NOT currently very physically active

  • No memory or other cognitive problems
  • Age 65 to 80
  • Be in good overall health (e.g., able to walk independently, no falls in the past year resulting in hospitalization)
  • Owns a smartphone
  • No neurological conditions (including dementia or mild cognitive impairment)
  • Able to undergo MRI

Depending on your assignment, the study requires:

  • Home-based exercises
  • Home-based healthy aging reading materials

*Note: You cannot choose your group assignment.

3 months at home plus 5 measurement visits to UC San Diego campus