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Community Collaboration

Are you interested in working together to promote positive youth and family mental health?  The UC San Diego CAPIE Program is eager to grow and strengthen partnerships with schools, youth, community health teams,  advocacy organizations, and sports/extracurricular clubs. Youth and family voice/empowerment is central in any partnership or collaborative initiative.

As part of this program, UC San Diego School of Medicine medical trainees partner with schools, educators, and youth programs to increase mental health literacy and awareness. Scholars from the program collaboratively create workshops to address mental health stigma and increase knowledge and awareness around emotional wellbeing. This opportunity encourages medical trainees to interact with their communities, specifically adolescents, and better understand their perspective and learn from their experiences. Targeted audiences could be classrooms, clubs, teachers/educators, staff, parents/families, or other.  We aim to honor each community reaching out to collaborate and work with groups to ensure a worthwhile experience.

Request More Information

If you are an interested community partner, please please email Desiree Shapiro, MD