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Resident Well-Being Support

We know that resident well-being is essential for optimal resident learning, competent and compassionate clinical care, and the smooth functioning of the residency program and department as a whole. For this reason we have devised a series of experiences which promote a sense of collegiality and enhance our residents’ emotional health.

Experiential Process Groups

Beginning in the PGY-2 year, residents are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the group experience by taking part in Process Group, lead by an experienced group leader. This experience is usually so popular that most classes elect to continue the group process into the PGY-3 and sometimes, the PGY-4 year.

Mentorship Program

In the psychiatry department, we have a diverse host of potential mentors. Our program strives for close and collegial contact between residents and faculty and the mentorship program allows faculty and residents to meet informally, one-on-one to discuss career goals, research interests, or personal pursuits. Our hope is that the resident and faculty person will form an early mentorship relationship that can be built upon throughout the four years.


Each year, residents have two retreats: a half-day retreat in the fall to meet and greet and plan the year, and a full-day retreat in the spring to say "so long" and to review the year. These are great opportunities for residents to have fun, get to know each other, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the program, and make recommendations for improvement.

Resident Leadership Council Meeting

The RLCM reviews and discusses virtually every aspect of residency education and is constantly striving to improve and evolve our program. The committee is made up of the residency training director and associate directors, other faculty, chief residents, and two elected representatives from each class. Each member has an equal voice with full voting power.

UCSD Housestaff Association

Psychiatry residents are asked each year to participate in the UCSD Housestaff Association by sending a representative to its Executive Committee. It really is an excellent way to get involved in the education and training of residents. The Housestaff Association provides a forum for open dialogue between the UCSD administration and housestaff. It has been instrumental in improving resident’s benefits, upgrading call rooms, and maintaining good morale. Other functions organized by the Association include quarterly dinners with the administration and the end-of-the-year picnic.

Psychiatry Residency Selection Committee

Residents are asked to participate in this committee that is involved in all aspects of interviewing and selection of new psychiatry residents. We do everything possible to insure that the residents selected for admission are a "good fit" with our program.