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About System of Care Evaluation (SOCE)

To improve the quality of services provided to children and families throughout San Diego, the County of San Diego Children, Youth and Families Behavioral Health Services (CYFBHS) requires that standardized outcome measures be administered to all children and adolescents receiving publicly-funded services. This requirement is detailed in the Organizational Provider Handbook, which is incorporated into contracts.

The Importance of Assessment

Assessing the outcomes of mental health services in valid and reliable ways is critical to the development and maintenance of effective services. A core value and principle of the System of Care is to be accountable through clear outcomes, valid evaluation methods and proficient data management systems. Assessments should be strength-based and services should be outcomes-driven.

Participating Programs

All clients that are receiving services contracted through the CYFBHS will participate in the System of Care Evaluation, with the exception of clients who are receiving inpatient services or crisis intervention.

The following are examples of participating programs:

  • Outpatient programs
  • Day Treatment programs
  • Case Management programs
  • Juvenile Forensic Services
  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services
  • Wraparound programs