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Lab Pets


Fern and Bruiser

Bruiser is Jessica's 14 year old beagle. His favorite things are baby carrots and bell peppers, long naps, and slow walks around the block where he can sniff. Fern is her 3 year old mix rescue from Baja. She loves running, jumping, barking at birds, and bothering Bruiser when he's trying to sleep.



Kit Kat, Auggie, and Milo


Kit Kat, Auggie, and Milo are Edith's three cats. Kitkat is the oldest out of his brothers. He loves to eat, sleep, and roll around in the dirt. Auggie is the youngest, he likes to run around the front yard, especially when get gets the zoomies and loves to cuddle. Milo is the middle child but acts like the oldest.  He loves to be outside and is very friendly (too friendly if you ask his mom- he's definitely seen the inside of a couple houses). 



Ginger is Nathalie's 6 year old family dog. Though she came from Lab rescue, it seems she's actually mostly rhodesian ridgeback. Ginger is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs. She also loves trips to the beach so she can chase birds and dig holes. 


Guen and Jinx

Guen and Jinx are Morgan's cats. They are sisters. Guen is rounder than Jinx in every way: rounder cheeks, rounder eyes, and rounder belly. Guen loves dancing around the kitchen begging for treats and pets. 

Jinx is hyper and playful, with the personality of a golden retriever, she loves to play fetch, go on walks, and following everyone around the house. 



Andy is Shirley's 15 year old dog. He will shake your hand, but only if you have a treat. He's also very particular about his haircut - he will refuse to go out if he's unsatisfied with how it looks.



Buster is Jessica Ruggieri's 12 year old shih tzu. He has an underbite and has hanging tongue syndrome when he sleeps. He loves to sit on peoples' feet and loves to get a belly rub.