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PGY4 Class

  • Neharika Akkoor

    Neharika Akkoor

    Neharika Akkoor grew up in Chicago and went to the University of Illinois at Chicago for undergrad where she studied Philosophy and Neuroscience. She attended UIC for medical school too, and through working at Student-Run Free Clinic and Chicago Street Medicine, developed a passion for caring for immigrant and underserved populations. Neha has a strong interest in collaborative care, women's mental health, integrative/holistic psychiatry, as well as working with survivors of trauma. She is excited to gain psychotherapy experience as well. In her free time, Neha enjoys hiking, meditation, vegan cooking, and gardening.
  • Benjamin Amendolara

    Benjamin Amendolara

    Benjamin Amendolara is from UCLA Medical School where he did 2 years of neuroscience research and also won the Vital Signs Award for his fictional work. Originally from New Jersey, he went to Haverford College and studied English as an undergraduate. He loves writing, escape rooms, and sports such as surfing, hiking, and bouldering. He will fit in well at UCSD and we hope to recruit him to help with the Birthday Poems!
  • Rachel Bent

    Rachel Bent

    Rachel Bent comes to us from UC Davis where she received multiple awards and is a recipient of AOA. She is from Stanford, CA, and graduated from Stanford University undergrad with a degree in Human Biology. She has published in Obstetrical and Cardiac Journals and has a strong interest in Maternal Mental Health. She is an avid traveler, runner, kayaker, skier and also plays the cello. She will definitely enjoy the outdoor activities San Diego has to offer.
  • Noe Caballero

    Noe Caballero

    We are proud to welcome another Texan to our residency! Originally from Huffman, Texas, Noe Caballero went to UT Austin as an undergraduate where he studied Biochemistry prior to going to Texas Tech for Medical School. He has been an honor student at Texas Tech and has also found time to work in a Free Clinic for migrant farm workers and put in over 100 hours of volunteerism. He loves History, Science, Playing the Piano, Cooking, and Hiking. His fluency in Spanish will come in handy in San Diego!
  • Micah Fry

    Micah Fry

    Micah Fry is a UCSD Medical Student who is originally from Santa Barbara, CA. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with the highest honors having written a senior thesis on the poet William Blake. Micah has published 2 papers one as a 1 st author. His hobbies include Illustration: (Illustrated one of his grandmother's books), Guitar: 14 years of daily practice, Reading: Classic literature and pulp fantasy, Collecting vinyl records, Trail Running, Rock climbing, Yoga, and Mindfulness.
  • Jessica Kriksciun

    Jessica Kriksciun

    Jessica Kriksciun is a native of San Diego. She will graduate from UCSD Medical School in the Spring. She did her undergraduate work at UCLA and received a degree in Psychobiology and biomedical research. She is a Gold Humanism recipient and an ACTRI Scholar. Jessica has done research with Dr. Doris Trauner at UCSD Neurology. She has enjoyed the distinction of being class president and has presented 2 posters on stroke and bioethics. She volunteered in the student-run free clinic during medical school. Her hobbies include playing piano, attending concerts, collecting vinyl, swimming, running, discovering new coffee shops, being a cat owner, and fantasizing about being a dog owner.
  • Kathrine Kruckenberg

    Kathrine Kruckenberg

    Katherine Kruckenberg joins us from the University of Pittsburgh.  She is a native Californian (from just outside Hemet, CA) and completed her undergraduate degree at Berkeley, where she majored in Italian Language and Literature. She did research on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease before medical school and clinical research related to alcohol use disorder and liver disease as part of the Clinical Scientist Training Program at Pitt Med. This resulted in a first author publication about Urinary Autobrewry Syndrome in Annals of Internal Medicine, February of 2020. She spends her free time with her rescue dog "Louie" in Ocean Beach and enjoys both yoga and walking on the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego!
  • Elizabeth ZoBell

    Elizabeth ZoBell

    Elizabeth ZoBell is homegrown from San Diego. She graduates from UC San Diego Medical School this spring. Elizabeth completed her undergrad degree in Integrated Biology from UC Berkeley, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude/High Distinction. She has done research on Child and Adolescent Suicide and Wellness. She volunteered in the student-run free clinic during medical school and loves community work. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, making beaded earrings, hiking, running, cooking, and a book club.

Community Psychiatry Track

  • Paige Sutherland

    Paige Sutherland

    Paige Sutherland is originally from Big Bear, CA and went to Pepperdine University for college, receiving a degree in Biology. Paige participated in Americorp and is also active with the Oregon Food Bank. She was a medical student at Oregon Health Sciences University and will join the Community Track at UCSD. She is interested in collaborative care and telepsychiatry. Outside of her studies and volunteerism, she enjoys tennis, hiking, cycling, and cooking.
  • Sahana Malik

    Sahana Malik

    Sahana Malik comes to us from Cooper Medical school of Rowan University in New Jersey. She received her undergraduate education at the University of Michigan where she studied psychology and political science. She then went on to teach English in China for a year and subsequently, do research with ALS patients at UCSD before beginning her medical career. She has a strong interest in community psychiatry and working on mitigating health disparities. Her hobbies include traveling and exploring new cultures, dancing, snorkeling, surfing, and brunching

Research Track

  • Monica Castillo

    Monica Castillo

    Monica Castillo is from Loyola University in Chicago. She will be joining our Research Track. Monica is originally from Elk Grove Village, Illinois. She is a former Stanford Biology major/Psychology minor with an M.S. in Medical Physiology from Loyola. Monica has two first-author publications on inflammatory and neurotrophic biomarkers of medication response in bipolar disorder. She has worked in several community outreach programs and an outreach activity in Belize via religious ministries. She plays piano, does Filipino cultural dance (Tinikling), and enjoys world travel, crafting, scrapbooking, exercise, running 5Ks, time with family and friends, planning events, and teaching.