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UC San Diego CARE Program

Cognitive Assessment and Risk Evaluation (CARE)

At the forefront of early identification & intervention research in early psychosis

Research Studies

The CARE Program is a clinical research center at the UC San Diego Department of Psychiatry. The primary goal of our research is to learn how to best identify and treat adolescents and young adults at high risk for developing psychotic disorders or those who have recently had a psychotic episode.

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Assessments and treatment for adolescents and young adults with warning signs of psychosis are offered.

Clinical Services

Have you or someone you know experienced recent troublesome changes in behavior, thoughts or emotions described below?

Understanding Risk


Evaluación cognitiva y evaluación de riesgos, Criterios de admisión para CARE, y Los Servicios proporcionados por CARE.

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Nuestro grupo se encuentra realizando un estudio para conocer más sobre los efectos de una psicoterapia en el funcionamiento cognitivo.

Estudios de Salud Mental

CARE Philanthropic Fund

To provide support to the U.C. San Diego Cognitive Assessment and Risk Evaluation (CARE) Program.


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