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Clinicians and Providers

Our clinicians and researchers are an excellent resource for community providers who are hoping to better understand psychosis, enhance risk detection and expand on treatment options. Our staff is highly trained in working with psychotic illness among the adolescent and young adult population. We specialize in the identification and early intervention of APS (Attenuated Psychotic Syndrome). Please contact us for more information or to schedule a presentation for your providers.

Presentation Requests

We are available for talks and presentations about early detection and psychosis. This is an opportunity for you and your staff to learn more about our ongoing research, evidence-based treatment interventions, ways to connect your clients to the appropriate level of care and support, and to learn more about the wide range of services we offer at the CARE Program. To request an in-service or virtual presentation, please call Dr. Mirzakhanian at 619-543-3199 or email


Our team is available to discuss clinical cases and provide an opinion regarding early warning signs of a psychotic illness and additional resources that are available. We are here to assist you in identifying a range of appropriate recommendations.

Referring for Services

To refer to our services please contact us by phone at (619) 543-3199, by text at (619) 854-3322, or by email. We offer outpatient services, including an intensive outpatient program, individual therapy, an extensive group therapy program, supports for family members, pharmacologic management including alternative/complementary medicine and more.

Risk Calculator for Clinician Use

The NAPLS consortium, which consists of eight research sites including UCSD’s CARE Program, developed a “risk calculator” to determine an individual’s risk for developing psychosis. This calculator accounts for the individual’s family history, exposure to stressors and trauma, and endorsement of factors that correlate with developing psychosis. To access the risk calculator, click here.