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UC San Diego School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry Residency Program

Mission Statement

To provide a curriculum that features a scholarly concentration program

Residents are supported in cultivating careers that involve leadership, teaching, research, clinical specialization, public service and academic growth. A primary aim is to train psychiatrists who are likely to pursue academic, research and/or leadership careers and to make valuable contributions to knowledge in psychiatry, psychiatric education, program development, and/or mental health care advocacy and policy. All residents are exposed to the wealth of psychiatric research available at UCSD and complete independent study research projects as part of their training.

Individualize training in areas of resident interest

Provide unique elective opportunities in neuroscience, neuropsychiatry, clinical research, mind-body medicine, addiction psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, college mental health, eating disorders, maternal mental health, telepsychiatry, early psychosis, affective disorders, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum, LGBTQ, medical cannabis, community psychiatry, psychiatric education, advanced psychotherapy, collaborative care and global health.

Our philosophy places residents as central participants in shaping and defining their training experience

The design of our training program prioritizes the best educational experiences for residents. We strongly promote resident involvement in program improvement, and prioritize resident well-being and wellness during training. Our program is dynamic by design and we welcome residents who have an interest in actively participating in this educational enterprise.

Prepare resident physicians for the practice of psychiatry in the 21st century

The program emphasizes fundamental medical knowledge based on advances in clinical science and the growing contributions of basic and applied neurosciences. Residents are trained to critically evaluate new and established approaches to assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders. Our goal is to train psychiatrists who are equipped for the future and learn new, cutting edge techniques with the understanding that what's modern today can change with time.

Serve the San Diego Community by participating in advocacy for mental health and training psychiatrists who become leaders in providing psychiatric care to the community

The majority of our residency graduates stay in the San Diego area as private practitioners, medical directors, clinician educators, academic psychiatrists and leaders in local, state and national psychiatric organizations.

Develop teaching faculty to be effective teachers, mentors and contributors to the UCSD psychiatry community

Professional and personal development of UCSD Psychiatry Teaching Faculty is a key component of Residency Training at UCSD.